This is a great pic! All of a sudden I want to explore all around the bay again..damn..there are a million cool places.
are you an astrophysicist? do you get scope time in the bay area? i never knew you were bay area!
that's my problem. I take way too many pictures and then don't spend time to do anything with them.

yeah out of every 1000 jpgs i take, i edit and post like 20. someday someone needs to go thru my archives and pull out decent stuff. perhaps that is an intern job.
for me, I would definitely take more pictures if I knew they'd actually be seen.
You take the prettiest pictures, and I mean that sincerely. There should be a Hep coffee table book with a bunch of your pics in there. I would totally buy it.

There's an old Greyhound station in SF that I want to explore but my impression from passing by is that it may be watched fairly closely. Still, working just south of the dogpatch is great for seeing interesting places. For example, have you ever been up the abandoned looking crane just north of A2? Looks like fairly easy access.