I remember doing that in 5th grade! It was so much fun. Is hers in the Santa Cruz mountains?
near la honda by memorial park, so basically yeah same diff. it's super fun, zoe and evan of course have already gone, so they filled her in on all the details of what to bring, how to prepare and stuff. there is a club there for if you kiss a banana slug!
i bet it's the same place. i think the actual camp area is called jones gulch. i think most schools in the bay area and to the south use this place for outdoor ed.
All I remember about the place was that it had a giant ark and was a religious camp when it wasn't busy being a secular outdoor ed camp.
OMG a week! You'll be needing a Zane fix like whoa by the end of that. I'm sure she is over the moon, though.....it's fun to go off and your own and be all grown up.
What a cutie pie. I hope she has an awesome time.

Is that AK47 slinking by her legs?
Great shot hep!
Hope she has fun fun fun!
M did a two day thing at a ship for her 5th grade trip, so that was fun :)
Did you write her a note for her to read?
We did that for M, and it rocked :)

She is gorgeous! She looks so much like you :) I hope she has a blast!
who is this Outdoor Ed and why are you trusting him with your daughter?