pacman inkee


Zane Leaving for Outdoor Ed, originally uploaded by hep.

i forgot to mention last week that Zane is back from Outdoor Ed. She had a great time, and all the cats missed her. She also kissed a banana slug, so now she is in the banana slug kissing club!

I have been super busy, but I have some sort of real update coming soon I swear.

My thoughts exactly. The only decision left is which college. I predict Porter or Stevenson.
Porter all the way.

They're completely remodeling both A and B dorm right now, there's only people living in the apts. So they're actually going to be comfortable to live in.
Yeah, I saw when I saw there over the summer. But if it's comfortable, would it really be Porter?
Yea, it looks like it has some sort of weird fused double canine.

Congratulations, your cat is a freaky mutant! :D
hehe no apparently its somewhat typical and he will get it rmed with his testicles later this month. but i was going by an old lowrez video and i couldnt see if it was doublecanined.

i am not bones ok! but il her!
At first glance, the big people in white shirts behind her made it look like she had Chun Li buns. Interesting effect there.
Cat does NOT look thrilled. Cat looks like the press have suddenly discovered his inter-species love-nest.