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What's in oclets bag?

this video is hilarious. totally worth it for the payoff at the end of what was in oclet's bag.
Edited to add: oclet left a bag full of stuff in my room to give to t12. it sat in my room for about a year (oclet uses my house as a combined storage facility and package distribution center) before i remembered at our 4th of july party to give it to pascal. we opened it, and here are the results! cast:
hep - purple shirt, loud mouth
pascal - sitting in chair, blue jeans, black shirt
yuriy - grey shirt, eating
renee - filming
others who are heard - ninjalie, pauzed, dr j, diane, and assorted others.
cameo by - zane and hanna (at the end)
my 2 cents
Gabriel Knight is this rpgish puzzle game where you have to figure out clues to do stuff to get to the next step. My girlfriend in NY used to play it. In fact it wouldn't play on her computer for whatever reason so she had to install it on mine to play. She used to love all the Gabriel Knight games.

The funny part of this story is after we broke up she found someone else and is since married. Her last name now is Knight since she married Jim Knight. :D