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sushi cupcakes!

sushi cupcakes!, originally uploaded by hep.

yesterday renee hada cupcake party! she invited over kori and me to make cupcakes! what do you get when you mix food coloring, fondant, and 3 art students? sushi cupcakes!

lol these pics are gonna make girlvinyl throw up, iirc.

catsluvdmb made sushi marshmellow cookies that made it onto a lot of food-porn comms last year. I'll try and dig up the post. They were just as intricate as these and equally amazing.
dammit, we've been planning to do that except with ice cream and a version of marshmallow fondant. i should probably set a date for it, it's the only way things get done.

ps, those are pretty danged cool!
those look fantastic.

you could sell them to hipster for like $6 a piece :D