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great blue heron

DSC_0230.JPG, originally uploaded by hep.

i think. im not a big bird watcher or anything, but i do get extremely interested in local birds. we have a pretty good idea of our local bird ecosystem up on the mountain (red tailed hawks, great horned owls, 800 kinds of woodpecker that wake you up at 7am) but recently i have become very interested in researching the various giant sea and marsh birds we come across on our bay trail bike riding. anyway, all of my interweb research has led me to believe this is a great blue heron. now that i know where he lives, i am gonna head back out with a decent lens sometime and shoot him flying around.

I don't mention it much, but I love your photo-posts!
Super bird!!!
Eric & I see these guys and egrets fairly often in the marshes around our place (we're a short distance from a lagoon and the Deveroux sloughs. There's a Blue Heron who kind of hangs out in the baseball field by our place. S/He watches the cars drive by with this "Yeah. I'm a big fucking bird" look on his/her face.

We call the big monster birds Super Birds or Dinosaur Birds because they're huge compared to most of the birdies around here.

The bird rescue people & web page we consulted when we saved that hawk told us to watch out for the Super Birds & be careful when rescuing them b/c they can take out an eye or otherwise stab the fuck out of us puny humans with their monster beaks.