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while we were at the balboa pier down south (oh, did i forget to mention we went to socal to spend a very russian kthxgiving with yuriy's family? that would be why i haven't been posting. sry lj!) we spent some time fishing, because that is what immigrants of all kinds do when they come to the us, find the nearest salt water pier and get down to some serious fishing. and these guys are serious, backpacks that turn into camp chairs, packets with hand sanitizer and latex gloves, these guys make pro fishermen look like amateur hour at the ok corral. someone caught this octopus and let it swim around in a box for awhile, and as a cephalopod fanatic i was obsessed with shooting 9000x shots of it. the water is deeper than it looks, but it liked to rear its head out and take a look around. it was actually very clever, it was very obviously using its tentacles to probe and measure where the walls of the bin were. i have the feeling within an hour it would make its first escape attempt.

Maybe I am old with crappy vision, but it doesn't even look like it is in any water! so neat, I would have wanted to hug it.
i tried to hug him. he also would touch my wrist with his tentacle. but i was worried he would try and climb me to escape. he was so smart tho, you could totally see his little octopus brain working to figure out what he was in.
omg!!!! i want to have an octopus tank so bad, i think it's the next big pet project i will work on. now that i know they are so easy to catch too, the guy was like, dammit another octopus! everytime i fish i catch one! you can totally see how smart they are compared to other fish, they can even figure out puzzles and stuff. that octopus of yours was SO CUTE, god i just want to hug all of them.
not my octopus, but some random guy's! i actually go to ucsb right now, and i found that person's neat photos while searching on flickr for old sb stuff.

this quarter i have a required class about milton's paradise lost (i'm a literature major) and i keep calling it "bible class"
also, i had no idea you went to ucsb! my best friend from high school goes there, she is finishing up her phd in bible study (religious studies really, but i like calling it phd in bible study cuz its funnier)

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Okay, I seriously squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee every time I refresh my FL and see this picture. Every time I've been to the NB pier over the last year, someone has an octopus in a box or tub of some sort.

Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up, but I hope you had fun... maybe next time we can grab that coffee ;)
it is ok! we were super busy too, and you would have lolled at me becauase hanging out with yura's family for 4 days i picked up a nice slavic accent again for awhile. it was killin me when i got back and people were like WHERE DID YOU GO WHY YOU TALK FUNNEE. and i had to be like "we went to orange county just shut up about it"

yeah basically next year we are coming down with an aquarium and we are gonna catch our own octopus friend. I DIDNT KNOW YOU COULD JUST CATCH THEM FROM SHORE!!! i must have one!

Pani would have been so happy to hear the accents. I think he's having withdrawals already.