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as most of you know, yuriy, my boyfriend, is a russian immigrant who came here as a teenager. while we were visiting his family in orange county this year, his mother made some traditional ukrainian cookies BY HAND with us. god, they are soooo good. they are called oreshki and are made by baking the halves, then filling them with a mixture made of nuts, leftover crumbs from making the cookies (for extra crunch), hazelnut paste, and condensed milk that has been boiled in the can for many hours to make it taffylike.

here is a finished oreshki. look how delicious that looks!

you start out by rolling bits of the dough and putting the balls into the oreshki cookie half cavities. then close the oreshnitsa (cookie pan), and grillbake them on both sides over an open flame for about 5mins each or until golden brown (you can check them if needed but after awhile the timing becomes natural).

when each batch is finished dump them into a bowl to cool. while they are cooling, assemble the filling in another bowl.

take a can of boiled condensed milk (boil the can unopened in water for about 2 hours or more), nuts, hazelnut paste, and mix together. take the bowl of halves and clean the edges on them so they don't have extra dough pieces. use the crumbs you trimmed off to add to the filling paste for more crunch. fill each halve exactly halfway with filling (don't overfill or you won't be able to press them together)

assemble the oreshki by firmly pressing the two filled halves together (this is why you are careful not to overfill, the filling is VERY thick and pastey and will not smoosh out the sides, instead the cookies will shatter because they aren't very strong) after assembling all of the halves, eat the finished oreshki and enjoy your hard work! oreshki means "little nut" which is why these traditional cookies are shaped like little nuts! i will have a real recipe up later this month after our cookie party.

i know right? she gave me one, before we made them and i was like, omg this cookie is so good where did you get it! and she was like, we make them, then she like, opened her kitchen and whipped them together! it took her less than a half hour from cooking to filled cookies. i was amazed.
hereby opting out of xmas card in hopes of being sent oreshki instead :D
hehe if i can make enough im planning on sending tiny boxes of cookies to everyone this year!
yep, definitely counts as food porn.

hey hep, where did you get the cookie pan? i want one!

btw the canned condensed milk stuff is the same stuff they put in alfajores. In Chile they use it as spread on toast. sooo good!

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Those are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I've wanted to try making them myself, and now I'm kinda tempted even more so...
Oh god I want some, I want to even make some or search for a lovely Russian family who wants to adopt me! :O

I'm such a lightweight when it comes to rich desserts. That filling is amazing.. I could probably eat 2 before I felt too full/sugar-shocked.
My mom used to make a larger version of those, but they were persiki (peaches). She would bake the halves, fill them with cream, color them with some sort of natural food coloring so that they would actually look reddish-creamy like a peach.

I still need to buy an oreshki pan. Found one online from a Russian distributor!
haha. we are the best. my friend insists that she, still, wants to marry me for russian citizenship perks and to come to my family dinners (i keep not having the heart to tell her that i'm a us citizen now)

are those a regional thing? I wonder if all my russian students are making these for christmas. I could demand them as bribes before I put in grades.

But I dunno, as I understand it the Russian community where I work is largely composed of some Orthodox splinter group that is even more Orthodox/conservative/etc. than your usual Orthodox type folks and maybe they don't believe in cookies. some of them DO seem rather stickupthebutt. But it could just be that they moved to a totally redneck town where they get dirty looks from hicks all the time. :(
those look delicious! The description reminds me of a Hungarian thing (store bought, though) that my family members would always bring over. This had cocoa mixed in with the hazelnut flavor, though.
I wanna have that in my mouth. Marry christmas..
wt kind of lolz did you (have) mean?
dont see nthing funny,, to be louth loud....
for all the readers
i've been wanting to get my hands on the cookie mold (oreshnitza) for years and i finally did! I got one from the ebay user posted earlier in the comment chain. It arrived within days of purchasing and oreshki are soooo easy to make. the only difficult thing about the entire process was gaining a couple lbs and acquiring a few BEST friends!! hehe :)
Re: for all the readers
yes, i was surprised at how easy they were, a small batch with pre-made filling is easier to whip up than a batch of chocolate chip cookies. but it's so worth it to make them entirely by hand!
Wow! This is gorgeous! I've been trying to find an oreshnitsa for years! Where did you get it???
my boyfriend's mother brought it with her from the ukraine, but you can find them on ebay if you search diligently!