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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

xmas rundown.

yawner, originally uploaded by hep.

xmas eve every year we have a big party for our friends and family. we always joke that it's a very mexican xmas, this year's menu was pork in chile verde, bbq brisket, sweet corn tomalito, and various russian salads. there was plenty of other food too. i made a million cupcakes for dessert, double vanilla, red velvet, and gingerbread. plus sugar cookies (mostly for santa).

it's always so awesome to spend xmas eve with our loved friends who can make it, and family. i only wish my sister could make it out some year soon. i am always too busy during the party to take too many pictures. i hope pascal can post whatever he managed to get soon.

xmas morning was lots of fun. santa brought lots of awesome gifts. zane got an ipod touch from santa, and the zombie survival guide & world war z from evan. she is an avid reader and writer, this year she did nanowrimo with her writing group, an after school writing program from her school. needless to say she has been engrossed in them ever since. zaney is super into zombies and various themes like that. she also scored a bunch of paint by numbers from her sister which she has been really into lately.

zoe got a ton of really nice makeup from me and her dad. santa brought her sick new running sneakers, and she got a lot of apple gift cards for apps. she already has an ipod touch, but she is one of those app junkies who loves to load up the latest games.

evan got a netbook. he is basically the happiest kid on the block. he also got a bunch of other stuff because he is spoiled rotten. his fkn netbook has more space than my macbook. frowny face. he also got new headphones, books and such. his high school allows use of personal laptops on campus. insanity.

yuriy and i got a bunch of stuff too. i think his favorite thing was a fishing chair. it is also a backpack, as in, is wearable as a backpack, and holds a large amount of goods. my favorite thing is my new extra large camera bag that i can carry 6 lenses in. why do i need six lenses? i am indecisive.

sorry for the gift list, but this is more for reference for me next year. i hope all of you got what you wanted, or at least what you needed. my last batch of xmas cards will be going out this week, sorry so late, but i get swamped in late dec. what is everyone up to for nye?

i leave you with the children displaying their favorite gifts:

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