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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

xmas day until now

zaney flying, originally uploaded by hep.

part of my new years resolutions is to blog somewhere between 50-100% more than i did in 2009. so allow me to fill you all in on what's been going on around here. so, on xmas day after opening gifts and partaking in the town tradition of visiting santa on the firetruck, zaney, yuriy, & i went on a bike ride around the lagoon to chase birds.

it was super fun as usual. even when it's cold in sf, it's not really too cold to ride bikes super bundled up. we saw several hawks, other raptors, a great blue heron, a white heron, and several other small shore birds. this photo shows how the mountain cuts sun off early from our side of the bay.

zane and i also took this opportunity to stage some zane in flight photos for our upcoming zane in flight photo project we are working on.

saturday my best friend from high school, and evan's godmother, emily came for a visit. she lives in santa barbara where she is getting her phd in biblestudy so we rarely get the chance to see her and visit. in fact we probably won't be able to catch up again until her wedding next summer, if then considering it will be her wedding.

it's always awesome to hang out with her, and for the kids to get to spend time with her. we don't see nearly enough of each other and i don't expect things will be any easier with her working on her thesis & planning a wedding in the next year.

sorry for the state of some of these images, i leave my camera on specific settings then other people try and shoot with it.

monday we had lunch with renee, dr j, and pascal. renee gave me the world's best xmas gift which i already bragged about. but srsly folks, the best.

today and yesterday has been mostly laying around sick. i picked up some sort of stomach ailment either from too much leftover pork in chile verde, too much chicken tikki masala, or too many leftover party cupcakes.

so i cut the girls' hair, took endless pictures of the cats & xmas ornaments, and watched yuriy play bioshock for me (he doesn't normally play single player games, but he is playing so that i can play too while watching)

hopefully tomorrow will bring me a lack of stomach roiling and entirely less vomit than today.


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