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xmas day until now

zaney flying, originally uploaded by hep.

part of my new years resolutions is to blog somewhere between 50-100% more than i did in 2009. so allow me to fill you all in on what's been going on around here. so, on xmas day after opening gifts and partaking in the town tradition of visiting santa on the firetruck, zaney, yuriy, & i went on a bike ride around the lagoon to chase birds.

it was super fun as usual. even when it's cold in sf, it's not really too cold to ride bikes super bundled up. we saw several hawks, other raptors, a great blue heron, a white heron, and several other small shore birds. this photo shows how the mountain cuts sun off early from our side of the bay.

zane and i also took this opportunity to stage some zane in flight photos for our upcoming zane in flight photo project we are working on.

saturday my best friend from high school, and evan's godmother, emily came for a visit. she lives in santa barbara where she is getting her phd in biblestudy so we rarely get the chance to see her and visit. in fact we probably won't be able to catch up again until her wedding next summer, if then considering it will be her wedding.

it's always awesome to hang out with her, and for the kids to get to spend time with her. we don't see nearly enough of each other and i don't expect things will be any easier with her working on her thesis & planning a wedding in the next year.

sorry for the state of some of these images, i leave my camera on specific settings then other people try and shoot with it.

monday we had lunch with renee, dr j, and pascal. renee gave me the world's best xmas gift which i already bragged about. but srsly folks, the best.

today and yesterday has been mostly laying around sick. i picked up some sort of stomach ailment either from too much leftover pork in chile verde, too much chicken tikki masala, or too many leftover party cupcakes.

so i cut the girls' hair, took endless pictures of the cats & xmas ornaments, and watched yuriy play bioshock for me (he doesn't normally play single player games, but he is playing so that i can play too while watching)

hopefully tomorrow will bring me a lack of stomach roiling and entirely less vomit than today.

I am glad to hear that Brisbane has Santa-in-a-firetruck - we did when I was growing up in TX, and no one out here seems to have heard of it. Sorry you've been sick.
yeah not many other places do it either! i think siannan said they did it at her place this year, but like 3 weekends early.
is that bioshock? i got bioshock for xmas and i am playing it (lol years behind) and it is awesome. I just got to the plot twist - or at least, the first plot twist - tonight and it blew my fucking mind and in retrospect my little brother and I should have seen it because we were discussing exactly that but i should stop talking before i spoil it.

i love your picture posts.
yes it is bioshock! i played it a long time ago with my ex, but i barely remember it. and by "i played it" i really mean that he played it and i watched and gave none helpful advice. yuriy almost NEVER plays single player offline games, so it's a real treat for us to play this together. and thx you!
usually i use a d50 at home, i have a bunch of more robust (read: heavy) nikons in the studio for work, but i love the lightness of the d40-90, comparatively they weigh at least a pound or two less. lately i have been shooting with one of my prime lenses too, which opens up to f/2 which gives you that super sick depth of field and amazing light bokeh that i get in all of these. the problem is tho, that its a manual focus prime and the focusing ring on it is like 1/8th of an inch wide meaning that, for anyone with larger sized fingers than me, it's impossible to focus. even i have a hard time too, which is why my dof is a little off sometimes in these.
oh shit, you're a real photographer. i am way in over my head here. no wonder your pics are so beautiful.

though i've wanted a nikon since i took a couple photography classes a few years ago. everyone had the nikon d 60. i was soooo jealous (i was still working with film bc it was all i had). i'm really glad i never invested in it, though, as i probably would have broken the thing by now.
Wow. I love the idea of a Zane-in-flight series.

Great pix as always. Good luck to Emily as she finishes her PhD and plans her wedding! Is she at UCSB or did Westmont start granting grad degrees?
she is at ucsb. i think that is where she started, too, but she went to harvard for her masters and she also somehow spent a year or two at (i think) oxford along the way. iirc of course. it has been a long journey, and the joke we are making now is that evan will graduate high school before she gets her biblestudy phd (since he was born a year before we graduated)

yeah the zane in flight series should be funny. those pictures are just so much fun to do!
awesome pics, love the in flight pictures too :) makes me think of the amusement parks on fire song in flight.

anyways they all have a really nice warm glow to them, keep up the good work. mikee x
the picture of renee is awesome

also, what do you do with the Little Sisters?