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hep of the now

hep of the now, originally uploaded by hep.

what is up livejournal? i appear to have stumbled across an unexpected morsel of free time, which i am squandering on catching up with livejournal and updating my internet diary. the children are off unexpectedly at the sharks game, and yuriy only just got home from work, so we are enjoying a rare free evening snacking on pastries from the russian bakery and watching old movies from the 60s about airplane test pilots.

i found myself over in little russia again today, so i picked up some more treats from the bakery. currently we are gorging on cherry roll cake drizzled in smetana, which is the russian sour cream, much richer and creamier than us sour cream. this cake is pretty heavenly, i will probably have diabetes by early morning. i also spent some time today out towards the beach after work. it was really a gorgeous day.

yesterday the weather was also amazing. we hooked up with ninjalie and pauzed to ride bikes around the city. and we literally rode bikes almost all the way around the city, crossing the city from soma thru the wiggle to gg park. then we rode up to baker beach, around thru the presidio, along the marina, down the embarcadero all the way back to the caltrain station. AND rode our bikes home from the train. like 25miles altogether, thru all the whitest parts of the city. white man's oppression ride, lololol

we came across this hilarious post nye orgy tableau in golden gate park. it's pretty much a hipster mini-saga, down to the tallcan of steel reserve. also included: miller lite bike cap, rolled off bike sock donuts, skinny jean cutoff shorts, ripped cloth (shirt perhaps?), 2 muni transfers, and a nye noisemaker horn.

it was an amazingly fun bike ride, one of those gorgeous cool crisp san francisco winter sunny days, where it's not cold enough for a jacket, but not warm enough to take off your hoodie. however today i am certainly paying the price for such an ambitious and hill-filled bike ride after a month of slacking off my semi-weekly bike rides and dog walks. my legs feel like stiff jello all day long. still, totally worth it.


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