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new years resolutions!

flight takeoff, originally uploaded by hep.

i never really get around to doing new years resolutions, but i thought i would record down some of the things i want to work on this year. usually i do a month by month thing instead. so, i will probably try and sketch that out as well as write some general stuff for the year. i am also blatantly stealing some of these from my friends:

  • get out and take pictures at least once a week for myself.

  • do more of other kinds of art. the more hands on the better. remember my love of sculpture by working in fimo.

  • love and appreciate yuriy daily

  • love and appreciate my wonderful children

  • individually love my friends. i often love people as a homogenous group, but i need to remember to let my friends know why i adore them so much.

  • continue to let hair grow 1 more year.

  • get out more with friends. while staying home with yuriy is indeed the best use of time, try to get out at least 1x a week with other people. help keep relationships tight and make new friends!

  • try to get volunteer work up to 1hr a day. add at least 1 dinner shift per week with evan.

  • enjoy emily and eric's wedding. photograph things but dont get so lost that i dont experience.

  • take folic acid and calcium every day. quit shirking on evening med doses and just take them.

  • aim for more consistancy despite having constant schedule curveballs.

  • ride my bike at least 2x a week.

  • make camping happen!

  • hit up at least 3 fairs this summer. go to ren faire with the kids.

  • quit wasting the opportunity of living in the bay area and get out and photograph all the things on my to do list. help me out here lj, i need motivation.

  • edit archives!

  • edit down decent collections and put them somewhere where something can be done with them

  • put together some kind of online photography portfolio for hobby stuff. no use shooting all that stuff then never showing it anywhere.

  • quit jumping to conclusions re: the children being naughty. remember that not every child will be as devious as i was.

  • go back to school and take at least 2 astronomy classes. scope time!

  • get a hedgehog.

    • jan:work on pushups, do 5 pullups.
    • feb:sort out closet, under bed, finish organizing bedroom.
    • mar:get garage darkroom together during spring cleaning this year
    • apr:start xmas shopping earlier, less stress later
    • may:actually relax on vacation this year by being even more prepared
    • jun:zoe: braces
    • jul:summer of camping: at least 5x
    • aug:stay calm amidst my birthday and large amts of travel
    • sep:be prepared ahead of time for back to school
    • oct:create my costume vision for 2010
    • nov:be over 70% done with xmas shopping by nov 30th
    • dec:do not let xmas and xmas related work overwhelm.

  • print this list and keep it with me


  • everything sucks.

    see subject.

  • ok fine

    i'll come back to livejournal. here is a picture of space. as always, click to embiggen.

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