pacman inkee


caution, originally uploaded by hep.

some quick shots from the past few days. a sign from our treasure island adventures above. a shot of my favorite bridge below.

the city in all her glory.

bridge to no where. at the very end of the abandoned pier you can see a pelican eyeing me.

and finally, what lj entry is complete without cat pictures? certainly not this one!

omg you know how to make these from scratch basically, all i do is press a button!
I love your cat, and that view of the cityscape.... where are you from? Its gorgeous.
from san francisco. i will talk about it like 9849539893 more times too because i love sf and there are so few of us who were born here. so we have sf locals pride moreso than in other places. jeje!
LMAO, in Seattle it's so easy to tell if you're from here or not.

Its by the description of the rain. If they call it anything but "Just sprinkling." then we're all "So where are you from?" lmao.