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red sky at morning

red sky at morning, originally uploaded by hep.

if you read one thing today, make sure it's this:

i love the view from our mountain, but the ocd photographer in me is always SO irritated that if you compose on the straight line of the mountains on the horizon, the freeway heading between the bay and lagoon will be tilted, and vice versa. here, i composed for the freeway.

a real photographer would drive out to the mountains with a shovel and level it out. . .
soooooo pretttyyy

"the view from our mountain"

that is awesome, and i love that you know and appreciate and share and celebrate how blessed you are <3
also that post about haiti is fucking epic. i'm going to repost here and fb as soon as i wake up it is sooo late lol
composing for the skyline leaves a normal looking horizon and also keeps the highway from being an uncomfortable adjacency to the bottom of the frame. win win!