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zoe science!

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today was busy making sure zoe's science fair project board got completely finished with all the finishing touches. tomorrow everything is due, then later this week is the actual science fair. her experiment is about how eating affects your memory, so that kids can make informed choices about breakfast using their data. she worked on it with her friend mira, and it is very well done. i am super proud of her.

this afternoon we had a chunk of free time, so we took zorya up to chrissy field to walk in the surf. chrissy field is on the bay side of sf, for those not from around here, and the waves are super gentle. zorya likes to walk on the edge, but she hates when surf is too rough, she likes gentle wavelets over brash waves.

look at that happy dogface up there. she loves this beach. she likes to dig in the sand and act like a fool. she can definitely pull zane around if she wanted, she can pull me around sometimes if i am not paying attn, but at this beach she is content to just walk or jog along.

these picture are of zane surfing. can't you tell? all of the kids are actually pretty accomplished surfers, zane has been surfing since she was about 3 or 4, she started out surfing tandem on my dad's longboard with him, and eventually graduated to her own boogieboard, then tiny surfboard. too cute.

i have no idea what is going on next week. i always come out of science fair week super overwhelmed. next weekend however, i am planning on taking zorya to chrissy field again if anyone wants to join with a doggyfriend.

Wow she really looks like you in the first picture.

Very cool
yeah, zoe resembles me more and more as time goes on. evan too. zane too, but less so somehow, probably because fewer freckles. i want to see your kids too!
Nods, just put some up of Ayako in her new tutu, and a couple posts ago put up Christmas pictures of the both of them.

Everyone says my son looks like me.
You have a beautiful family!

Nothing endears me more than kids working on science. :D
awe thanks! yeah, i love that they all have a huge love for science, because i want them to pursue their science dreams even tho i have chosen to hold mine (for obvious child-rearing reasons, i didn't wanna take focus away from raising the kids, and since i had kids stupid young, i have plenty of time to go back after the fact)
I will bring Reef out to play!
He loves to swim, and he and Zorya only met once, but that was right after you got her, so I think she was still acclimating to her new surroundings.
So let me know if you want me to bring Reefie, (date/time/etc).
You have an utterly adorable family. Little hearts came out of my screen as the page loaded xD