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hep of the now

hep of the now, originally uploaded by hep.

hello lj. i bought some new clothes. mostly tho, i found a new second favorite shirt (my first favorite being my tupac shirt) which is awesome because i have been going through a sort of clothing ennui lately. i hate when i get into that headspace of hating everything i own, and feeling completely uninspired. finding clothing that fits well is one of the more annoying parts of the shortie challenge, but i am happy with this comfy garment.

i forgot all about friday when i updated yesterday. friday yuriy worked from home, and we went for an early morning trail hike with him so he could try out his new mountain bike. i have been training zorya with a gentle leader so she can't pull me around quite so easily (rough times when your dog almost outmasses you) and she is none too pleased about the new arrangement. but we walked around the trails, and found frogs and other wildlife, as well as a visit to this old train tunnel that is a graffiti showcase for the local sunnydale talent.

it was fun, if muddy. it has been raining off and on still here in the bay, and the wetlands are truly super saturated at this point. it only has to rain for about 20 mins before roads start flooding out in the low areas. yuriy discovered a super fun new trail that he can ride as a quick mountain bike ride, when he can't get out to one of the many lovely parks we have scattered along the bart corridor. i am tentatively looking at small mountain bikes, but i think he thinks i am going up a lot more hills than i will actually be doing should i get the bike.

last night i went out with t12 and danh to this burningmanesque robot art event that was pretty fun, but really the most fun part is always hanging out with my super sarcastic hater friends. i love to get my hate on. we all need to go to more pretentious sf events and sit around being the hatercrew.

today we spent the day fishing on the pier and lounging around. i took the kitten down at one point for a walk, but he was so nervous because there are a million feral shorecats there taunting him and making fun of his leash. i tried to get some shorecat shots, but they are super fast and suspicious of all long black shiny objects, probably with good reason. most of them also look like pirates, missing an eye or an ear. yuriy got to try out his new chair/backpack which was a great success. however no fish were caught, although someone pulled out a fat little bat ray right after i left :( now yuriy is snuggled up next to me napping because he got up at 5am to ride his bike to the pier.

above is one of the outtakes from the shot i posted the other night. you can see how unsteady i was this time, it was quite cold at the top of twin peaks, and the wind basically never dies up there. i always try to remember to bring my tripod, but for some reason whenever i end up by sutro happens to be the time i took it out of my trunk for some reason.

i am really looking forward to valentine's day. not that yuriy doesn't show he loves me constantly, in fact, anytime i feel like being whiny about him not paying me attn, he almost immediately does something on his own that makes me feel loved and cherished. but i am looking forward to being able to blow all responsibility off for a weekend to just lay around and play bioshock2 together. plus we are going to go out for some delicious food at some of our favorite places that we don't take as much time to get out and patronize as of late. i have to figure out some gift to top the awesomeness of the backpack chair tho, i have kind of been slacking on it until the last minute. hope you all had just as good of a weekend as i did.


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