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big daddy and little sister

big daddy and little sister, originally uploaded by hep.

last night i again earned the "best mom in the world" title by taking evan to the bioshock 2 release party in downtown sf at midnight.

it really wasn't too bad, since bioshock is also my favorite game. i have been waiting somewhat impatiently for this to come out since 2008. bioshock really speaks right to the sort of game i like, i am not so much into steampunk, but i love deco, and i love mocking humanist culture.

these pictures are all pretty terrible. it was dark as fuck, kind of damp, and i had to jack my iso up all the way to get any detail. so you all get grain the size of quarters, sry. also a lot of stuff is slightly out of my dof, i had my aperture open all the way so my dof was like an inch long. usually i hate turning in work like this, i feel like i will be called to the front of the class to explain my composition choices, but i figure this is the best i was going to get considering i was dog tired, it was rainy, and i was shooting from the middle of the street most of the time. technical errors all over the place here.

there was super cool swag. we got a ton of tshirts (one for zoe and zane who were not lucky enough to go) and a splicer mask for each of us. we also had evan's little friend chris along with us, and both of them were super overwhelmed. i don't think it ever occured to either of them that there are such things as video game openings, and i can foresee a lot of waiting on sidewalks at midnight in my future.

here is evan getting menaced by the big daddy. his drill even spun, it was an awesome costume, tho not as awesome as that cosplay guy which was pretty spectacular.

not many other people were in costume. there were a few people in dinner formal wear with masks on dressed as splicers. tons of free redbull tho, so you know i was happy. evan and i both picked up copies of the game, and now i have to spend all day resisting playing before yuriy comes home from work. it's ok if i just check out the multiplayer right? that's not the same as playing the game really.

hope all your videogame dreams come true guyz.

The first one sort of mocks and picks apart Ayn Rand/Humanist/Objectivist ideologies. I hear the antagonist of the new one is super socialist, to the point that family ties mean nothing in the eyes of the community.

Also, you shoot at things and throw lightning or fire from your hands.
thx you, that is sweet. you know how it is, all i can see is technical errors when i look at any picture, let alone my own work where i am filled with a sense of shame for not having perfect everything.
I had no idea there were events like this... But of course, I live under a rock in West Virginia. LOL

Jeff and I have a renewed interest in video games of late. But, unfortunately I can't play the 3D games for very long of I get motion sickness. Is that crazy or what? I can play old nintendo for HOURS, put on a PS2 game with great graphics, and I start to turn green. :(
yeah, i get motion sickness on some of them. i like bioshock tho because things actually while looking real, look less real, i dunno how to explain. and the camera doesn't move super jerky, it moves smooth like how your brain edits out the jerkiness in your normal sight. i would recommend trying to play the original bioshock if you can, its soooo good (we just replayed it and it was just as good the 4985948594th time) and its from 2007 so it will run on older machines that aren't some sort of super special gaming rig.
Fuck me. For a moment, I thought that was you as Little Sister. Which really would have cemented the Best Mom in the World title, had there been any competition.

I think the photos are grand but I too pick apart all. Which gives me some leeway to say, "Hush! They rule!"
~~~IT IS MY DREAM TO DRESS UP AS A LITTLE SISTER/BIG DADDY COMBO~~~ I've been sayin it for years and everyone ignores me.
why couldn't i be one of your kids?

also those pics still rule even though it was super dark.
When I saw this loli in the commercials it made me want to buy BioShock! Apparently if you buy it on Steam you get the 1st one for free so I could play both, hmm
Oooh I want this game so bad XD No local game stores sell games for Mac :( And I love these pictures! Of course, I got a C in my core photography course, so my opinion means little xD