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valentine's day wknd

sf bike ride, originally uploaded by hep.

i am such a bad livejournaler. i promise all of this "i will update more often!" stuff and then barely a month and a half in i slack off for almost a week. sry lj. this last weekend was of course valentine's day wknd. i love any excuse for a holiday, and while we all have the best intentions of "making every day with our partner special and romantic", the sad truth of it is that what with the children, my odd-hours job, yuriy's all-hours job, the animal menagerie, our busy social life, and the myriad tasks and chores which we have to attend to constantly, it's rare that we can find an extended period of time to be romantic together.

saturday we went for a bike ride around sf. we started out with psuedoplans to meet up with t12 and danh to ride bikes, but we had to grab food (max's, mmmm) and then run a couple errands, and it kept happening that both groups were on opposite ends of the city. so we ended up just noodling around the wharf and pier39 area. it's been a really long time since i've hung out down there, but i remember my dad would take me to the arcade every week and let me spend an hour or two dropping quarters in while he did laundry down the street. that is where i honed my galaga, defender, and pacman skills to the sharp point they still are at today.

riding around with no real plan was a new and interesting experience for me. i don't know if you realize this lj, but i am an obsessive planner. with the way that san francisco traffic is at all hours, various sf events that disrupt the lifeline paths thru the city (critical mass, various street fairs and marathons, endless parades for any excuse, etc), and the fact that i like to run 9845989483 errands per day, i like to have a route all mapped out ahead of time with scheduled stops planned in advance and coordinating lists. having no agenda, no specific route, no lists of items to procure was a novel adventure, and one that we have repeated since then.

sunday we went for a hike with zorya in mclaren park. it was a really gorgeous day, and zorya loves nature where she can find disgusting things to roll in. the bay area believes spring is truly here despite the fact that the rest of the country is still hipdeep in the tail end of winter, so everywhere things are blooming and sporing and it's basically some kind of erotic plant orgy around here lately.

after hiking to the top of a mountain i was pretty tired, so i took a nap to prepare for the evening's entertainment of the pillowfight. however, i will detail that in a seperate post as there will be a lot of pictures. eventually we ended up back home snuggled in and playing bioshock. monday was a day of errands as we desperately needed some sort of new mattress solution as ours has an advanced case of "pit syndrome" on yuriy's side. we picked up one of those 5inch memory foam toppers to try and buy us a few months more time, it is really great, best $100 we ever spent. AND it makes the bed remarkably higher leading to an increase in amusing scrambling by both the cats and myself. for the first time in i don't know how many years yuriy isn't gobbling down handfuls of ibuprofen every day and dealing with the accompanying stomach distress. hopefully by the time 4th of july rolls around we will have enough free time to do some serious mattress hunting. i am holding out for a temperpedic, but we will see when the time comes.

this week evan has off for some reason (his story is that it is because they only have one week off at spring break? who knows) so we have been playing videogames and doing some teenage compatible stuff that usually we don't get to because of the girls. yesterday he went shooting with roger and his grandpa, today we are hoping to hit the academy of sciences and the deyoung, and then tomorrow we are hoping to get out and finally see book of eli before it leaves the theatres. hope you all had an excellent long-form weekend. i will be posting you all a belated valentine as soon as i can get time away from aforementioned teenager to craft it! until then <3


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