they are my favorites. all of them. and jellyfish too because really i just love things with tentacles. i remember they are your favorites too! my dream is to someday have a pet cuttlefish. i used to have a couple friends with various octopi.

i actually have a funny story about how evan is the squid whisperer, and the cuttlefish was trying to communicate with him, and only him, for about 20mins. even the biologists were commenting on it. but i am too tired tonite, mebbe tmrw
These are fantastic. You take such amazing pictures.
my favorite are Nautilus. I love how beautiful they are and how they swim backwards.
A few years ago Heather and I were at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, looking at the jellyfish exhibit. Standing next to us was a guy with his little girl, two, maybe three at most. She's pointing in wonder and he leans down and says, "Those are tentacles. Can YOU say 'tentacles,' honey?"