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pillowfighters, originally uploaded by hep.

ok so, i am somewhat under the weather, shortly before going to the aquarium i figured out that the reason i had felt so under the weather for a couple weeks was that i had a kidney infection. i have been fighting my way through antibiotic unhappyness since then. so the pillowfight! feb 14th every year there is a giant pillowfight in downtown sf at justin herman plaza. we go every year, the kids really enjoy the chance to go pillow crazy.

it was really fun until about 3/4 hour in a bunch of drunk frat boys started going full tilt on the children's side (the fountain side of the plaza is traditionally where small child "fight" so they don't get trampled or hurt in the giant crowd) and smacked zane in the face hard enough to give her a serious headache, and to cause us to fear perhaps she had a concussion.

so we headed home to have her checked out and keep an eye on her all evening by staying up late and watching cartoons. she was fine pretty shortly after and remained in good health since then.

however the roughly hour that we were there was pretty fun. i got some okish shots, but being a short person in the crowd is a pain in the ass. i think next year i will bring a ring flash and try to shoot with that.

and here is a video that bloopytest shot and edited together. his videos are always great because they totally capture that pillowfight feel.

2010 Pillow Fight Club - San Francisco from bloopy on Vimeo.

ooo thanks for reminding me. i meant to embed it at the end, your videos always rule and the music choices are always a++!
Ok giant pillow fight... That's pretty awesome! Leave it to SF.
I <3 SF.

I'd be pissed about the jerks though. Glad Zane is ok.

Hope you feel better soon!
i love your crowd shots, make me really feel that i'm there. :)
hehe that is because i am short, you really feel what it's like to be looking at everyone's shoulders! hehe!

are you also short? do you have the same issue i have occasionally disguising the fact that you are shooting from where most people's waists are? sometimes it is so hard for me to hide my height in shots where i don't want the overwhelming shorty bias to show thru.
I can not stop drooling over the pix you take. What sort of camera do you use? (or is it just genius photog skillz)
it is somewhat a mix of both. i have been a professional photographer for almost 15yrs now (hard for me to believe, but also hard to believe i have a 15yr old) so i definitely know how to get the max out of my equipment. but i also shoot on subcompact nikon dslrs which give me a lot of latitude with various things i can control. i have a d50, a d5000, and i also shoot on work cameras which are a little beefier but much more annoying. also i have about 500 lenses, i like to pick up cheap glass at the flea market. i recommend picking up a cheap dslr (the d40s go for so cheap now) and turning off the lcd and shooting everything you can. turning off the lcd will keep you from going to it to check your work, which will make you stronger over all because you will get in the habit of thinking out your shots beforehand, and really looking thru the viewfinder to make sure what you are shooting is the composition you want, rather than shooting, looking at lcd, correcting, shooting, repeat x1000. or work in film. working in film is the quickest way to get good because every shot counts. it's like going to another country to learn the language, full immersion, trial by fire, whatever you call it, it works! hehe!

at this point i don't even know how i shoot anymore, i just kind of zone out and then when i am done i have images. so a lot of it these days is by subconscious feel to get the kind of image i am going for.

also thank you so much! that is really sweet of you to say!

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Whoa, you blew my mind with talk of dslr. Thank the heavens for wikipedia because I didn't even know what that meant.
I agree w/ you about working in film. When I was in high school I was mega into taking my giant old camera out w/ rolls of black and white and just taking pictures of everything I came across - but really setting it up beforehand. Since I have had digital cameras in the past however many years, I just kind of point and click a million pictures and hope one turns out good. So although the technology of it has been convenient, I don't have a real interest in photography like I used to. But, again part of that is also because I have no earthly clue how to play around w/ digital like I did w/ film cameras.
Anywhoo, you are awesome and I love all your picture posts. A+
@meemmeedarling; don't let her fool you. She has mad photog skillz.

great shots Hep!
I feel like I was there :-)
Great shots as usual :) Can't believe those drunk frat assholes and glad Zane is okay.