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happy 15th birthday evanito!!

birthday sopapillas, originally uploaded by hep.

yesterday evan turned 15 years old! only one year until he can drive a car and i will never have to drive the girls anywhere ever again. i either send him to drop them off or ride in luxury being chauffeured around while distracting the driver with endless anecdotes about what happened to me in bioshock2 multiplayer.

how weird to think that i have a 15 year old, that seems like such a big number, even tho i have excitedly been saying it early for months. "i have kids your age" followed up with "emotional age" is such a great irc insult. when evan was a little baby i often thought and wondered what things would be like when he turned 15, and if he would still be the same sweet adorable baby that he was when he was 1. it seemed so far away, and really time passes so quick that you better take all the pictures you can or you will forget in the endless wave of days when you are too busy trying to get 1095382829382 things done while getting/trying to get the children fed, washed, clothed, schooled, learned, fed some more, and socially cultured.

evan is the awesomest of sons. he is super responsible, while also being a lot of fun to parent. he is always good-natured and up to try new things. he is a big help around the house and almost always has an extremely positive attitude considering he is 15. as i often tell my parents, look, when i was his age, i moved out from BOTH your houses and was busy getting pregnant, so quit being so picky with him and enjoy having a well-behaved grandson. basically he really did stay the same sweet good-natured little person he always was. he is even patient with his sisters to a certain extent, i know they drive me crazy often enough.

anyway i was going to update yesterday on his actual birthday but we went out for birthday dinner at celia's where my parents and i both went for birthday dinners as children (back when it was maria's!) and ended up being out late so i did not. he got some awesome swag like a ghostbusters shirt, a jhonen vasquez poster for bioshock2, a new phone, and a new computer he gets to spec out himself from his dad. spoiled much?

this is how 15yr olds put out candles.

He's so handsome!

I am so worried that Noah will grow up to be a jerkass. He's such a sweet and caring little boy.

You seem like such an awesome mom!
Awwww, you must be so proud;) As new mother to a 10 week old, this just seems UNFATHOMABLE to me, and yet..I cannot wait.
i remember those days! i thought man, 15 is FOREVER away, but then life takes over, and you spend every day juggling 10 million roles and schedules and lists, and next thing you know you have a 15yr old and are thinking "oh my god i cannot believe that you are only 3 short years away from being considered a responsible party for yourself. THAT IS ONLY 1096 DAYS! 26304 HOURS! THAT IS NOT EVEN A SIX DIGIT NUMBER THIS CANNOT POSSIBLY BE CORRECT!!"

but damn am i looking forward to the driving!
One bit of advice my father wished he would have taken...
My dad decided that since my birthday was in December, and the insurance renewed in February, not to put me on his policy when I turned 16. Mom warned him that he was tempting fate.

I had *TWO* accidents in January.

What a flippin doll he is. I am sure he is breaking hearts all over the place. And total kudos to you for being such a awesome mom.

Happy Birthday Evan!
You make pretty awesome babbies. Happy Birthday to your first, omg, fifteen. It seems so impossibly far away.
Wow, your genetic code wiped out Evan's father's. It is astonishing how much he looks exactly like you. A handsome son you have!
Birthday sopapillas are the best idea ever and I endorse them heartily. Also, what a charming and handsome boy! Happy birthday to him, and congrats to you on a fine job of raisin'. :P
Happy birthday, Evan! I might also add that besides being a sweet, good kid, he also is as cute as his mom!
He is lovely! In that first picture he looks a lot like you :) Happy Birthday Evan!
This post moved me! You take the best pictures. Please come to my house for all events and duplicate the making of the gorgeousness. My kids are super fine, and I take a lot of pictures... but yours are special.

I hope at this time next year, you never have to sit in the front seat again. Get him a chauffeur cap for his 16th birthday, and start calling him Pierre or Jeeves or something.

He is always adorable and awesome! Your children are *very* blessed.
I've only met him a couple of times but have always been impressed. Good looking guy, too. Congratulations to both of you.
we are european so i never care if they drink, as long as they can hold it like either a true croat or mexican should. if they throw up or otherwise act a fool there will be some words.
yeah, i think provisionally it's that you have to have someone over the age of 25 in the car if you transport people below the age of 20. and if you drive after 11pm. but only for the first year, and i figure i will be wanting to ride with them that long anyway to make sure it's safe.