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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

i ganked the link from hexkitten and i am... trying... to make my way through this article:

Why Are Nice, Normal Girls Getting Bullied Online?
Because all it takes is one jerk with a log-in and a grudge to launch a vicious, nameless attack against you. Here’s how Meghan Pearce and other young women are fighting back...

some quotes:

In the face of this public humiliation, Pearce’s confidence plummeted. She doubled her workouts and briefly considered cosmetic surgery. I have a boyfriend, I don’t go out much, I try to be nice, Pearce said to herself. Who would do this to me?

really? your self-esteem is that low?

Cohen didn’t let that stop her. She asked a court to force Google, whose subsidiary hosted the blog, to identify the site’s author. Last August, in what legal experts call a precedent- setting ruling, a judge ordered the company to disclose the Skanks in NYC author’s e-mail address. Google, which has always defended the privacy of its users, said in a statement that it would provide such information only in response to a court order.

i am sure this precedent won't ever be used to compell information and quell free speech making comment on the government. you totally thought the consequences of your little internet insecurity exercise through.

Although it’s impossible to get a gender breakdown of anonymous posters, the
tone of most of the comments on The Dirty is distinctly male. Where is all of this venom coming from? According to Danielle Citron, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Law who studies online bullying, the Web has become a haven for women-haters, partly because it’s no longer socially acceptable to sexually harass women at work or school. “We’ve pushed a lot of that animus to the Internet,” she says. “That’s where men who resent women—perhaps because they feel outpaced by them at work or school—can express it anonymously.”

no.fucking.shit. like seriously, as any girl who has had to work in any male dominated field can tell you, working in those fields can suck because of all of the various kinds of male attention you receive. however, you can't let that affect you. like seriously, the second you let it sway you, you have let them win. sure, if someone is actually sexually harassing you or holding you back, use every recourse available to punish them. but just because someone said mean things about you on the internet, letting that affect your personal self esteem gives them so much emotional power over you, why would you give that to someone you don't actually respect? i respect my friends and family and i value their judgement. to a certain extent there are some other people's judgements that i value. beyond that, i don't really care what people think (as evidenced by my entire life) and i certainly don't care whether they find me attractive or not. and i _most_ certainly do not base my self-esteem on that.

i could go on, but the only thing i see about this entire thing is the implications for free speech as a whole. soon you won't be able to dissent against the government because, forget warrentless wiretaps, they will just be able to subpoena your anonymous critical comments since, after all, that one judge did it for some mean things on the internet! i realize i should take any article in fkn *glamour* with a huge grain of salt, but i am so seriously annoyed. argh! trolled by fashion mags once again.
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