no every public school in sf basically is doing stuff. i am listening to the elementary school chants right now. this was at evans high school this morning. each class of the student body did something different, while wearing red, the freshman class spelled out S O S ! super giant on the beach. this was the tail end of the class walking back to the school.
We are fighting here in Kansas too. Our schools are looking at a 5.2 million dollar deficit (spelling?) next year. They are trying to close 2-3 of our elementary schools. Hell, no.
i was, totally by chance, at the one at City Hall: I went to meet with a client but her mom said she (mom) forgot and that she (client) was down at the protest with Grandma, so I headed over there but never did meat up with them.

SO surprised and glad that I didn't hear a single chant of "the people united will never be defeated," though I did think it was very cute that at least a couple young guys were dressed for black bloc action at essentially a school rally.