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end of an era

end of an era, originally uploaded by hep.

this isn't quite right, but you get the gist. everytime i got it right on it was tilted so the reflection blew out the screen jeje!

but yes, the end of an era. i have had a sidekick since the very first black and white "hiptop" back in like late 2002. from then on i had the internet in my pocket, irc, aim, all my friends. i irced from jail (twice) during the 2003 anti-war demonstrations in san francisco, having gotten caught up in street sweeps while covering the protests. i internetted from boats, planes, trains, etc all on the same trusty device for 8years. but all good things come to an end, and in the last year i have felt confined by the sidekick os instead of free. i wanted to be able use more than one app at a time, i was tired of daily unexplained crashes, and the downtime and data "misplacing" only sealed my dissatisfaction, despite the heroic efforts of the various friends who were working at danger at the time.

i picked up a motorola cliq, android os, and so far i am super pleased. it is a little bit of a pain to press the keys, but it's easier to type on than the sidekick, and i have yet to accidentally turn it off midtext (the power button on the sidekick had the most unfortunate placement) i have replaced all of my essential applications, and have found some super fun new ones to try. it's easier to check my email and stay on top of text msgs (it uses conversational style texting a la ichat, much easier to figure out wtf you just txted to that person when you are txting 10 people at once. even moving my contacts over was a breeze. the clincher is that we can all now use the same calendering system and keep a shared calender that is easy to edit by everyone in the house.

it felt sad to say goodbye to the sidekick, something that has been so much a part of my everyday landscape for almost a decade, but in no time at all, less than 3hr i felt comfortable in my new phone. i still fumble a bit, but already things feel more free, and i spend less time waiting annoyed, or just altogether avoiding using my phone and thus being frustrated. what phones is everyone else using these days? any other google services users out there? i am hepkitten@gmail for all things google (reader, gchat, etc)

well i mean, i upgraded to all the new ones. but i am tired of the whole thing now. the os no longer feels cutting edge, or even near the edge, but instead far behind.
it was never the framework itself that was bad, it was bad programming in various places. running a couple of apps at once made everything unreasonably slow. and what's the use if you can't keep aim on the in the background all the time you know? plus i want to be able to play games, not have them immediately lag and crash the phone. why even include games then. it just got progressively worse with each device which makes me sad cuz the original device was so strong.
hehe yeah, i bet i could stick my sim in my old sidekicks and they would still work.
thanks for the h/t, and i am planning on running a "rogue" service at some point.. i have all the service code ;)
its on my todo list but prolly not for a couple weeks. i have all these spring spreads due for work and several field trips/conferences/child events/bike rides over the next few weeks. what are your fav apps? i like astrid so far.
I prefer Swift for twitter, but sadly the dev just sold it to HootSuite, so it's not going to be worked on any further. Still, Swift in its current state far surpasses Twidroid, IMHO. Second to it is Seesmic, in my estimation.
If Verizon doesn't get iPhone by the end of the year, I'm switching back and getting a Droid. I'm sick of AT&T and their bullshit. As much as I love the iPhone... just, no.

I'm on the plethora of Google craziness as readysteadystop@gmail
soon as my upgrade comes up(28th July) I'll be getting a Droid, unless they release some kind of CDMA version of the Nexus One or something. Droids and Nexii are the only Android phones that can run Quake 3 Arena. :V
I might still go with the Droid, though, as the industrial styling and general edged-ness of the phone appeal to me greatly. I am sick and tired of round phones.
oh shit

hep i am totally getting it. but my contract doesn't expire til april 30 :/

Huh. I just got a Sidekick in December, and so far I absolutely love it -- it lets me multitask certain apps (music and pretty much anything, games run in the background if I need to switch over to a phone call or the browser, etc.), I've yet to experience any downtime or data loss, and even the web service is way better than their service map led me to believe.

I read about Sidekick experiences like yours when I was considering the phone purchase, but I decided to go with it anyway based on some truly excellent reviews that sort of counteracted everything. I'm glad I did, and I'd honestly thought the bad reviews were snotty users being overly picky until now -- I guess I really lucked out! I am super curious about the Cliq and the 'droid OS, though; I hope you post more about it. And wooooo for new phones! for all my stuff. :)

I'm flipping between a mytouch and a jailbroken iPhone fairly often. Love Android, prefer the form factor and stability of iPhone for most stuff.

ps did you get around to trying that lens yet? I am eager to hear your thoughts.
i did not because, in classic hepstyle, i got busy. i even made it DOWN to the lensswap last weekend, but then had to run to make another appt, so i only picked up a 35mm lens. i am going to the cameraswap later this month tho, one of the giant area ones.
im a camera nerd, i cant help it. sometimes i buy the updated version of lens JUST TO HAVE IT.
rooted iphone 2g on tmo. as an ultraportable personal unix machine and general hacktoy, it's cool. as a phone it sucks. my opinion is probably shaded there by being hearing impaired and apple giving the double bird to anyone who wears hearing aids (none of their shit is HAC-rated or designed to be compatible with hearing aids and they skirt the FCC regs that they should do so by having less than the minimum number of concurrently offered handsets that would trigger the regs). with a motorola stereo bluetooth headset I got (only in mono because 2g doesn't do stereo bt, but at least they're loud) it's usable as a phone but the S805 is sort of bulky so it becomes an "only at home" thing to call people.

Really interested in android both as a dev and as a user, but it's hard to find HAC ratings on a lot of the new phones. It's like it's a god damned state secret to some of these people; I don't understand why given the demographics in a lot of first world countries (boomers being more pro-tech than their predecessors and hitting the age where hearing augmentation starts to get common). I *think* the cliq and nexus one and droid are all M3/T3 which is what my old razr was and it was beautiful to use sound-wise, but as said it can be surprisingly hard to find/verify that info. (I'd also love it if some hearing aid manufacturer came out with aids that did bt well; currently I know only of Oticon offering something like this and their set is both bulky and extremely expensive.)

hurr durr sorry for the brain dump; this topic's close to my heart :)
Well, I spent four years at Danger and I really feel like we dropped the ball. Glad you enjoyed our product while it was relevant...