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first off, since everyone is doing it:
Jepczenka Hep Svadjakovic

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secondly! we have been camping like every weekend lately, which is why I haven't been updating so much. not to mention work is going crazy with all the summer spreads needing to be ready RIGHT NOW. I read all of you everyday tho, and i try to comment when I get time. camping has been super fun. we go up to the russian river, where they have OTTERS. that's right, adorable river otters.

i highly recommend you click the large size so you can see not only my grainy terribly focused exposure (i was across a 50ft wide river, cut me some slack) but also that he was diving into the water and the water was splashing off his nose. we followed these otters around for a couple days, at one point one came right up to us in the water and watched us from about 6feet away. but i rarely had my camera down at the beach since it is heavy and awkward and i didn't feel like hauling a 400mm tele around. however, we are going up again in a few weeks so perhaps I will bring one then.

we also saw these eagles that i think might be juvenile bald eagles. i got some (poor) footage of it calling when we were up a few weeks ago, and the cry sounds similar to a bald eagles territory warning, but i am not an avian expert (yet).

i also got this footage of otters swimming (very far away) a few weeks ago too, but i am not the woman yelling in the clip:

there will be more pictures later, and I also have a few half-written posts about other various events. i leave you with a meme and a few links (plus my commentary) - this is infuriating. i particularly like this part:

Indeed, after years of neglect and bitter battles over its gentrification, the Tenderloin remains one of the most stubborn challenges in San Francisco,

directly followed by this:

So it is that armed with a recent listing on the National Register of Historic Places, community and city leaders are readying the Tenderloin for its big moment, complete with plans for a new museum, an arts district and walking tours of “the world’s largest collection of historic single-room occupancy hotels.”

because that certainly isn't gentrification, shiny museums, tourists, and an arts district. why can't we offer "gritty" tours of the potrero texas st. projects, sunnydale, or turock (double rock), or any other part of HP. Because it's a stupid idea couching a gentrification spearhead all in the lying name of "protecting the district". so infuriating. because really, we need more homeless fetishization and exploitation, that is totally the way to not only treat a human being, but gain them rights and a better standard of living, right? pretty sure this is just another front of the "light up market st" with giant neon signs gentrification efforts.

this is an amazing immediately post-earthquake shot from mexico.

everyone should read the reporters w/o borders current article on world net neutrality.

writeup of the death of star SN2007bi, the super-supernova.

possible cure for MS.

and finally: Ask me anything.
Anything at all.
I will answer it.
If it feels too personal, I will screen my reply to you or PM you the answer.
i know right? thats not even the correct spelling, just all i can do with english letters.
Really? I know your background is far half far-eastern Europe/northwestern Asia, but I didn't realise you were transliterating from a non-Latin alphabet (presumably Cyrillic).

Or, just as likely, you chose a transliteration for anglophones that reflects the pronunciation of your name far better so that they have a chance to get it right.

I'm surprised you didn't fan one of the Facebook pages I did — "I always have to spell my name for people".

(Maiden name, Allan, is the original Scots spelling, but most people spell it in English as "Allen". First married name, Lavarnway, was a single instance of one guy getting his Québecois name transliterated from Livernois — so basically every Lavarnway is somehow related to another, although there are a fair number of people who have some CamelCase going and aren't related. And then, of course, crschmidt has a simple enough name, but as the word for "blacksmith" is pretty much the same in every Germanic language, I get asked if it's "Schmid", "Schmitt", "Smith" and the like. At least when I order takeaway, if I give my maiden or married name, they can pronounce it if not spell it correctly.)
ooo that is a good question. i would find some other russian ex-pat to dominate. i dont believe in one person for everyone, i believe there are a bunch of potential positive matches, it is just up to you to find the best option. actually, if there were no yuriy i am pretty sure i know who i would be dating, and it would be the same situation, date an la russian and then force him to move up here.
Interesting. I have a similar philosophy but developed a bit differently — it's derived from an apocryphal antidote about a woman with 5 marriages, some ending in death and others in divorce, and being asked if her last was "successful". She was taken aback and said, "They were all successful."

Just as I married my first husband (Alicia's birth father) for a host of reasons, including legal step-parent adoption, I also did because he was the right person for right then, who I was then.

As I grew up, we evolved in different directions. But for the most part, we get along quite well (well enough that most people ask, "Why did you divorce?") although he still exasperates me on an irregular basis.

crschmidt suits me now, and I hope that we evolve in the same direction. (I'm not keen on the whole "until death or dissatisfaction do we part" — I think seriously about marriage and I try to do the institution justice. But if we hated each other, that wouldn't be doing the institution justice either, now would it?)
ty for article on ms! i didn't see it (mom is sick).
WHAT! no! were we friends? fb loses a lot of friend connections, the other day i was super mad at my friend for defriending and neither of us did it.

if i was a nastier person, i would NOT refriend you, and deny you all the amazing things i write in my status messages.


- obvious quotes from movies & tv shows that everyone says all the time, to the point that they are boring and stupid;
- random one & two word phrases that make me look smart, while at the same time mock facebook & social media in general;
- star wars references.

but i wont do that to you. no one deserves to be left out in the cold like that.

however, you should know, i consider this STRIKE 1.
also, i just read an article about a croatian girl who had a head injury, and woke up unable to speak croatian, but completely fluent in german.