i am LOVING it!! i love so many of the apps. here are the only things i dislike:

it is a little harder to type on, but that is because i was used to the longer keyboard of the sidekicks. i have gotten more used to it, but still it is a little hard.

you have to restart the phone to get rid of memory leaks sometimes. on the plus side it starts up quick.

you cant run a ton of apps at once, and often you have to kill "run all the time" apps so you can use other ones. that is all phones tho, and i like to keep a lot of stuff running so you may not experience this. but i usually have im up, irc running, another ssh session, stuff like that.

highly recommend!
awesome. i have a palm centro now which has a tiny-ass keyboard and the cliq's is way bigger so that probably won't be an issue for me. i don't think i'll be running too many apps though i've heard that it helps if you have a task killer.

just waiting for my contract to run out at the end of this month! :D