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happy 11th birthday zenzanie!!

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Zane had her 10th birthday late last month, and aside from our normal chicano birthday celebration dinner, instead of a party we took zane, her friend noah, and zoe to the california academy of sciences for the entire day, open to close, including extended spring break hours. WITH lunch and dinner in the cafe.

i adore acadsci. it's an amazing learning resource, not just the exhibits, but i am extremely fond of the biology library that is always included. for those who aren't local, the acadsci was closed and temporarily relocated in 2004 while they rebuilt the original buildings into an amazing self-sufficient science wonderland. each time the acadsci was relocated, they also relocated the extensive scientific (mostly biology related) library, now located in the naturalist center, along with it. most notable for a large amount of child friendly yet extremely scientific informative books. not to mention an array of plaster and plastic cast animal bones, taxidermied species, preserved furs, basically it is an animal biology learning paradise.

Also awesome is the animal biology researching that goes on in fullview of the public. animals are taxidermied, studied, dissected, etc, and you get to watch the actual scientific process in glass walled labs, instead of just a usual "sciencey dissection display" that you can get basically anywhere now.

there are also a variety of exhibits in several halls. even being there from 10am to 6:30pm we did not manage to see even half. we hit up the aquarium level, the reptiles, the rain forest strata exhibit, the planetarium show, the roof garden, and some of the animal exhibits in the main hall. we also hung out for both penguin feeding shows. you can also see the penguins online as well as read extensive blogs about each individual penguin. my favorite is pierre and his wetsuit that they made for him. (it's feeding time as i post this)

the current planetarium show is pretty great. the below bottom right shot is an abstract bokeh of the screen and lights. the show itself is called journey to the stars and definitely makes amazing use of that "biggest digital planetarium in the world" tech. highly recommend getting up to see it if you get the chance.

last year around this time we hit up the acadsci with nullcherri and dr. j for yuri's night (not to be confused with my yuriy) but this year i am unsure about what we are going to do. i prefer the acadsci when it's just crowds of children, not crowds of smug drunken hipsters getting in my way not so they can look at the exhibits, but so they can ignore them and instead talk about something stupid that they think makes them look smart but really just makes them look pretentious.

zane had a wonderful birthday outing, and i cannot believe she is already 11. now i have all teens and tweens for real. she is a really great brilliant kid. she gets the elementary equiv of straight a+'s, and is really looking forward to completing rocketry this year, and going on to middle school next year. i have no doubt that she is going to totally excel. not to mention her lately blooming talent for writing, she was able to complete a nanowrimo novella that clocked in at 30Kwords (she is still in the process of writing it) that was about a girl with a pet wolfdog who finds that everything civilization related in her world disappears one morning and she, her dog, and a small toddler she rescues must find out what happened. this year i believe she will attempt to nanowrimo again, perhaps i will get her into one of the many nanowrimo comms on lj, any of my lovely writer friends have good ones to recommend?

unfortunately for zane, her ENT the other day made the definitive decision that her tonsils must come out this year. so we are looking at ruining her summer by having the first thing be a painful operation and recovery. this throws our whole usual summer schedule into major change, not to mention there are 2 extra super mega important weddings a week apart right in the middle, so i have been extremely busy trying to coordinate and pindown things months in advance. luckily work has slowed down a bit, but i am predicting it will pick right back up because aforementioned summer. things need to be shot NOW to be ready then.

some of you may have seen this abstract on flickr. guesses on what it is? i just liked the way it looked, but people keep thinking it is the weirdest stuff.

this is what i look like camping. also this is what i look like not being able to focus because i forgot that when i lower the camera it's 1inch further ahead. perhaps i should not ALWAYS switch off the af, eh? :D
i hope all my lj friends are doing well. i know many people are having bad times right now, so all of my best wishes that things turn around with the coming of spring. how has your spring been going so far? what things are you all planning for summer?

Those are some awesome pictures. It's a shame she's going to have to start her summer with a tonsillectomy. That sounds awful at that age.
yeah, it's the only time that is doable if she wants to be able to go to the weddings and stuff. but better doing it then than during school (which she actually is super against because she loves school) or even worse, sometime in 6th grade when she will have even more harder work. plus this way i promised to send the other kids away and spend all 3 weeks coddling her as she gets better, hehe!
Yeah, some good books/movies/games sound in order and ice cream or whatever treats are good after tonsillectomies these days. Especially if it's the two of you it could turn out to be a good time once the pain subsides.
ja that is def the plan. plus we are planning to edit her novel then. that's what she told me btw, not anything i said to her. "we can edit my novel then". kids these days! too funny!
she is pretty great, they are all great kids. they just endlessly crack me up with their insistence on being tiny proto-adults.
omg when you visit sf i will take you. it's kind of spendy (like $25/person) but totally worth it if you show up at open and stay all day. i miss the days when it was $5 a person and we went 2x a week after school, but it's a fun special trip now, and honestly with the kids in olderkid school, it's not like we have that kind of time anymore.
Happy birthday zane!
Man, Cali has all the cool shit.
I recovered from getting my tonsils out in like a week, but I was younger.
yeah i am really hoping her recovery goes quickly. we are usually really good recoverers of illnesses and the like, but we have a high susceptibility to issues from anesthesia, so if she inherited that, that is usually what will sack out our recovery time. zane is a trooper tho, she is often in extensive ear pain that she just totally blocks out and ignores. just like me with kidney pain when i was little. i would literally have to be screaming in pain before i would acknowledge that i was sick.
you are a pro! it's a shot of the steam from inside of the MRE's (in the heat cooker packets) that we had camping. super macrooooooooo tho. those waterbeads were teeny tiny.
i think it was a preserved piranha skeleton. i loved the color.
Ug, I'm sorry your cutie needs a tonsillectomy. Most definitely not the best way to start summer.

And always your pictures are awesome! I really can't pick a favorite but the jellyfish colors are beyond.
Aww Happy Birthday Zane!!!!

See I remember back when I was lurking your journal for the pretty pictures, and Zaney started school. You were all :( cause your last baby was officially All Grown Up. I can't believe she is 11 omg! And she just looks more and more like you all the time its crazy.

LOVE the jellyfish pic. Jellyfish own.
can't wait to do things like this with my kids when they are older!! I'm just as excited for myself to go to places like that.

Spring has been a lifesaver for us, we can leave the house easier and shoo the kids into the backyard to burn off energy on the giant hill. I really wantto camp this summer.... Like epically so!
not crowds of smug drunken hipsters getting in my way not so they can look at the exhibits, but so they can ignore them and instead talk about something stupid that they think makes them look smart but really just makes them look pretentious.

The jellyfish pictures are amazing! I ♥ the colors. Abstract picture: condensation? My spring? Has been kicking ass. We are hopefully going to buy a house this summer! Yours?

ETA: I didn't read the comments first! I rule! :)

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that place makes OMSI look like a pile of crap! man I want to go.
That looks like a pretty awesome birthday! This summer I plan on working, working, working, and VISITING SF SOON OMG.