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zane spacesuit

zane spacesuit, originally uploaded by hep.

today i went on a field trip with zane's class to the chabot space and science center which is about my second favorite sciencey place to visit (academy of sciences being the first). i have about 98398402839082932 more pictures to edit and torment you all with but i leave you with these two.

true to her family trait of being a math genius she chose navigation as her space job for the mission to mars simulation. this is about the best field trip i have ever been on, and i have been on a LOT of field trips to some pretty steller places. more when i get back from camping (leaving at 5am leaves me with like 4hrs to sleep and get on the way tmrw) i will detail out a couple huge posts. <3 lj.

oh my god, i want to kidnap your children and raise them as my own they are just so awesome

seriously you are the only mom on LJ who makes me want kids
it is my secret excuse to act like a kid forever~!~~~~ muahahahahhahahah
You're probably already aware that your photos and kids are fantastic, but I feel compelled to tell you anyway.
Oh man, I want to go on that field trip!! I hadn't heard of this place before and now it's on my list to visit. someday. Also I'd like to go to Mars, thx.