pacman inkee


osprey, originally uploaded by hep.

this last weekend yuriy and i went camping with a bunch of our friends. i took some pictures of animals. as i am still being punished for daring to go out of town with endless 6am-midnight shifts, here are a couple of my favorites before i turn back into a work pumpkin.

there was an osprey:

he was hovering over the river looking for fish

eventually he dived:

and he caught a fish:

and he flew around:

and around:

and scared a duck:

and there was a seal in the river:

srsly, apparently seals go in rivers:

the end.

Yeaaaaaaah predatory birds! Love these. And I never knew seals went in rivers!
omg i love hunting birds too! and i never knew either! in fact, at first we didn't believe it was a seal until someone drove back up the river and internetted that seals can in fact go in rivers. it was lol!
I love how precise your focus is -- whatever you're focused on just seems to pop from the photo, almost like it's been 'shopped in against a slightly duller background. Beautiful.
Wow. I can't imagine ever getting a photo this good. The diving one is my favorite!
Yes Mr. Osprey that's a lovely fish you have there, now quit showing it off.