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today we went to the boardwalk in santa cruz.

we played lots of video games.

we went on lots of rides

we went on lots of rides 2x.

we went on lots of tall rides.

we ate lots of delicious fried food.

it was basically the best day ever. the end!

btw i am now using vignette (which is essentially hipstamatic for android) on my phone because i got tired of washed out pinhole pix. so from now on all phone pix will be in the form of some sort of super saturated toy camera from 1972. you have been warned.
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your html borked itself at some point. but still, it does look like an awesome day. I have CameraBag but I should just succumb to the hype and get hipstamatic...

yuriy is furry! (hey that rhymes lol)

i fixed it, stupid lj was trying to be smart for me and put in quotes when i can type my own goddamned quotes.

yeah i have another mini-editing suite on my phone (picsay) which is good, but sometimes i dont want to edit something into a aesthetically pleasing format. vignette/hipstamatic fills the need to make snapshots snapshotty instead of just washed out and grainy.
holga is my fav. pic up some kodak UC400 film for best results, it's the closest film they make to my old fav film the agfa ultra50 (last i checked rolls of that were going for like $50 each on ebay. no lie i once paid someone $200 for a box)
that setup will do you good. you might want to pick up some ilford XP2 plus (or whatever the modern day equiv is) because it's a black and white film that is a c-41 process (color process) meaning that you can drop it off at any lab that does color and you don't have to shell out for black and white processing which costs 3 cents and 10mins to do on your own (so super frustrating to PAY FOR). it's also a very crisp and non-grainy b&w.
film is generally less sensitive to light, so if you meter a scene off your camera for the exposure time, add at least one stop if not two to your exposure time for film. otherwise everything will be unexposed and you will be super frustrated. if you are going to be shooting a LOT of film, find a lab that will do 220, process only no prints, and invest in a neg scanner. or shoot slide film (e-6) this will save you thousands in the long run because most of the time, especially on learning rolls, you aren't going to use the prints, you just want to look at things to see how you have progressed and move on to the next roll. so rather than pay at least $5 per roll for prints you are just gonna throw in a box, the neg scanner will let you digitally check out what you shot without a lot of extra time, money, and storage needed.
ja boardwalk is super fun. im amazed at how much i remembered from when i was a kid (like i knew exactly where the funnel cakes were, it's been at least 10 if not 15-20 yrs since i hung out there with any regularity)
doesn't he? his middle sister and i love it, we call him regulatesputin. (from rasputin, that guy was nutty as a loon but he could grow a decent beard) his youngest sister is getting married in 3mo tho so he has to shave it soon or she will shave him and cover him in tanner (to even out the beard whiteness) when the wedding comes :(
i didnt call anyone. :( technically we were there to see his sister play in the disc golf tourney, the aquarium and the boardwalk were just while we were killing time waiting for her to be done. but we are coming back in a few weeks and then its totally locals hangout time
also: i hope you partook of the deep fried twinkies, saw the creepy fundamentalist motel themed like peter pan, and avoided the hypo ridden beach.
i never go on that beach. norcal beaches are why i quit surfing heh.
I think the pictures look super cool. And I might add, what a hot mama taking the pictures.
That is some seriously fabulous lipstick. I am envious. :P
almost all phone cameras are some digital variation on a pinhole camera but with a very cheap ccd so the pictures are always very muted colors, very dark, and slightly blurred. the camera nerd in me can't even look at them. there are some phones that have a little bit more complicated camera in them that is capable of multiple levels of focus (MACRO MODE! for up close) instead of just leaving everything at infinity focus (where everything is in focus from right up close to miles away) but it's so much fussing with your phone to get all the controls right, and you (or at least i do) end up missing shots. this way i can take stupid snapshots and it's more like taking a picture with a polaroid camera instead of a digital camera where i expect my high standards for imagery to be kept to, hehe! polaroid i am more like, well, it came out! im happy! for comparison, here is the unfiltered version of one of those:

i love my android phone, i have the motorola cliq and there are so many great apps. evan has an iphone and he actually has less choice in apps than i do because i can download them straight off the internet, not just from the itunes store. this is one of the few apps that i actually bought because it does a good job of quickly taking funny pictures.
I have a holga, but haven't taken many pics with it yet. Yours are so awesome!