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hello all! i have added some new people so i will again introduce myself. i am hep, i am 31 and i live in san francisco with my three kids (11, 13, 15), my boyfriend yuriy, our menagerie of animals, and my two roomates. i work as a photographer for a variety of clients and studios in the bay, and in my free time i also take a large quantity of images of animals and children, which i then subject you all to here as well. for more details, and an explanation of my extremely unorthodox living situation (i live with my two exes, the fathers of the children, which are the aforementioned roomates. this is really much less drama than it reads as.) please go here to my intro tag and start from the bottom with this entry for all the sordid details.

today is all about fishing and relaxing. i was hoping to get back to the boardwalk this weekend, but, and i know there are many people who wont believe me about this, i have been so busy with work that outside of the party last night i have not taken one hobby photograph all week. terrible! so instead this weekend i think i will flex that new 300mm telezoom and try and get some pictures of the hawks riding the thermals above our mtn. it's mother's day, i do what i want! how are all of your mother's day weekends going so far?

awe hehe thx! i love this photo because i included the bevel of the mirror and it looks like i am getting cut in half. people are always like WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOUR LOWER HALF THERE and it makes me giggle
if i had four arms my life would be SO much easier. well, four arms i could control at least.