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goslings, originally uploaded by hep.

some of you may have seen this on facebook, but i am helping my friend out. from my friend kikithepirate:

Can everyone do me a favor and just click on that link? All you have to do is open it, you don't have to sign up or anything. The top five people with the most "views" get free tickets to the In The Heights tour, which is San Francisco this month.

as your reward have a picture of adorable goslings.

and thanks to all those on fb who already clicked, i owe all of you a favor <3

too bad they'll grow up to be evil fuckers. we had a huge populationno, i think the more appropriate term is infestationof canada geese at my boarding school. you seriously couldn't walk ten paces without stepping in goose shit.

there was a pond with ducks, and when you would go to feed the ducks, a goose would always come over and try to crowd out the ducks and steal the food. and if you wouldn't give them any, they would start hissing at you and drooling all over the place and eventually start pecking at you.