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moon jellies

moon jellies, originally uploaded by hep.

i am posting this picture again because it is soothing. i am still recovering from overambitious adventuring and partying this weekend. but it was super fun. we had adventures on friday evening on our way over to nullcherri's party. first i bought some robots. they are like 2 1/3ft high. a++

then we got sidetracked in a bar. we went in for one reason and next thing i know yuriy is knocking back free shots of patron. i can't leave him alone for 2min without him making new drinking friends. fkn russians.

pascal gave renee a blown up poster of our infrared terrorist fist jab pic. this is still one of the best pix ever taken. partytown was super fun. eventually we made it home saturday night. sunday was spent watching movies on the internet and playing video games with yuriy. the children were out of town this weekend, and it was the first free time both i and renee have had since new year's eve to hang out. i miss my bff but we are both so crazy busy with work, school, children, new puppy, kitten, various pets, significant others, and just irl detritus, that it is really hard to figure out how to hang out without feeling like i am neglecting some other important life aspect. plus there is the whole bridge thing. basically if you live on another side of a bridge in the bay area, you might as well be in another state.

we finally got to meet the puppy. midi fell asleep on the internet! she is so cute and fast. even though i (again) lugged my camera all the way over there, i did not take one single picture. i believe pascal might have some however.

tomorrow i was scheduled to shoot but i think this overcast rain crap is going to blow my plans. so instead i have meetings all morning then i am going to bake blueberry-cherry muffins. it is starting to get to be time to focus on our annual extended family trip up to the lake, so i also need to sit down and work out a meal plan, packing plan, etc for that. hopefully this rain lets up by the end of the week so i do not get too far behind with my work. ah well, at least perhaps i will end up tackling the endless pile of editing that i constantly ignore. lol, as if.

now they reminded me of cake which lead to cake for breakfast :D dont judge me!

yeah my other friend went as a freedom fighter one year. he is arabic too so i was like srsly dude, please dont do this RACIAL PROFILING D: but the best part of his costume was he made this fake like, id card thing? that said like 1989 on it, so when someone at the party called him a terrorist he would whip it out and be like SEE THE YEAR? FREEDOM FIGHTER BITCHEZZZ!!!!

that pic of us was originally taken during the whole "obama is a terrorist because of the fist jab!" shenanigans that we went through a couple years ago during the campaign. this was our version! this is also my homage to the zapatistas hehe