pacman inkee

pascal took all of these pictures

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and they are all amazing. i am pretty sure he is now a better portrait photographer than me, and has been for some time. is my shirt not fkn awesome? i am super sad i did not get my camera out so there are no pics of pascal :((

bffs 4ever

i am sad this beard will be leaving in 2 weeks :(((

this dog is too cute!

both. he is shaving it before we go to the lake so it will tan evenly underneath so that he will look normal at his sister's wedding in august. otherwise she will make him wear self tanner lol.
i used to be pretty anti-beard but i have grown kind of fond of it. he just looks so russian with it.
I have to admit, I've been admiring his beard from afar. I'm not generally fond of facial hair but it looks damn good on him.
Since the beard is going, he should do something wonderfully tacky with it in the next week. Like handle bars, or some other fun facial do.
i will ask him tonight but he probably won't because he is lazy about shaving hehe
awe thanks you! yeah my hair is def my best feature, it is super thick and shiny latina hair. however, i am getting to the point where it is super heavy and annoying hehe! i highly recommend that garnier fructus hair milk for adding shine and smoothness to hair though. it's amazing stuff!
Shirt is awesome!

Why is the beard leaving?

Jeff just shaved his off, and he doesn't look right. lol
he has to be in his sister's wedding and if he still has a beard she will shave him and apply tanner. so he is shaving it before we go away to the lake to try and tan it up to look normal hehe.