pacman inkee


jet, originally uploaded by hep.

what is this plane? (click all sizes for a better look) is it an f5? plz advz plane nerds <3

this is a boat. we spent all day at the beach today. the weather was gorgeous if windy. the off and on cloudiness has been messing up my shoot schedule all week. because of the valley that the studio is in, and the east facing skylights, we need to shoot with am sunlight, but there has been haze until at least noon every day this week.

this is yuriy fishing in front of a boat. he did not catch anything, but we only lasted a couple of hours until it was too cold to sit in the sand any longer. the weather couldn't have been more beautiful tho. and considering we had bellies full of fish, it wasn't too upsetting to go home empty handed of fish.

hope your day was as good!

Yup, looks like an F-5 to me.

I had a model of the T-38 Talon when I was younger - the trainer version of pretty much the same thing. The one you saw is a single-seater rather than a twin-seat trainer, though.
lol, is that the sushi boat restaurant in japantown that's over that arch bridge?
i got about 5000 more if you want em. i love cargo ships threading the ggb channel. there was one like, military boat that is docked near where i am sometimes, being towed out with a tug and a coast guard escort. i will throw it up in a sec.
here figure out what this is:

coming under the bridge

longview bridge for scale

pulled by tug

another view of the matson with 70s color toning.

i got a million of the maersk line coming in too. i love those cargo ships best.
yeah it was so far up and going so fast too. im amazed i latched on to it for any detail. this is a serious crop of the orig image in which the plane looks like a spot in the sky hehe
Tricky shots, those. While somewhat different in scale, I got this one on a trip to Wolf Haven up in Washington State:

Also obv massively cropped but I really loved the silhouette.
ooo crow? you got the real essence of crow in that one.

yeah flying moving targets are my current top choice for shooting practice. i usually hit up the hawks on our mountain, but this plane was whipping by while we were at the beach yesterday and i couldn't resist trying to get some shots off it to try for identification (i am not a plane nerd despite my other nerd tendencies so i couldn't source it off the bat)
It's a fun challenge, certainly. Only other something-aerial from that trip was this admittedly much slower-moving one:

I'm not a huge plane nerd, but my grandfather was a pilot and I've played a few flight sims and such. But hey, even that's coming in handy for some of my steampunk-floating-islands-game writing, so it's not all bad :-) Getting into photography's a fairly new thing for me, but I'm already finding it useful to learn. And just plain fun, of course. Not good at people yet, but I guess I'll work on that.
Re: F5 - but what the...?
i was shooting from baker beach as it flew overhead. i had a 300mm zoom lens on that was extended all the way, the uncropped version is here so you can see it was pretty far away. it went over super high and fast, but no other jets did. mebbe going to one of the bases down south? i wish it had shot the bridge and i could have gotten that shot :( DONT THESE PILOTS KNOW THERE ARE PHOTOGRAPHERS WITH GIANT LENSES WAITING FOR THEM TO DO COOL STUFF?! hehe