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fishle, originally uploaded by hep.

you may have noticed that last weekend we went to the lake. we do a lot of fishing at the lake, but this year yuriy's trip was skunked (no fish). this was the only fish we caught on a hook and line, and another time a confused catfish swam up the boat ramp and ran into our boat. so we ate him.

psa: i am again super insanely busy and stressed over the next couple of weeks, open house is tonite, tomorrow is the benton games at her school, zane graduates next week, there are 2 class parties and end of the year picnics i have to help organize and attend, plus grad rehearsals, grad parties, the grad dance for the middle school, and other assorted end of the school year events. then, one week after they all are officially out, zane has her surgery, she is getting her tonsils out. AND i need to attend over 10 appts with her before that happens. cross your fingers i don't take out my pent up rage on some unwitting sfbay tourist trying to drive to the wharf. i promise i will detail the lake trip and how yuriy almost drowned in the lake after almost drowning me when i get the chance

i keep forgetting to say! she is having her tonsils out. i am super stressed about it tho because of our family's issues with surgery and anesthesia. but we are really hoping that getting them removed improves her quality of life. she can barely breathe or swallow sometimes because they get so big.
Good luck with everything and especially Zane's surgery. I'll be thinking of y'all.
Oooo... poor Zane :|

I'm crossing my fingers everything works out for the best. I went through the same stuff as a kid and wasn't able to have mine removed until I was 20. Life is SO SO SO much easier now. I don't get sick nearly as often as I used to and when I do, it doesn't last for-ev-er nor is it anywhere near as painful as it was. BUHBYE TONSILS!
Best thoughts to you and Zane. TEN appointments!? Holy crap!

and parties and fishing.
give them wrong directions - that's what i always do to tourists. i mean the streets are in fucking numerical order, it's not that goddamn hard.
when i was younger, no matter where tourists asked to go i gave them directions out of town.
That fish picture is the best result of a fishing trip ever. It makes me almost hope that you never catch anything of significance ever again.