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goodbye beard

goodbye beard, originally uploaded by hep.

yuriy shaved his beard off before we left for the lake so he would tan evenly as we have his youngest sister's wedding this summer and she would definitely hold him down and shave him/apply self tanner should he show up not clean faced.

i have to say, i will miss the beard and long hair. it was like he was a lion :3

The beard does suit him. Oddly, he looks a lot older without the beard.
thats only cuz the top one is mad overexposed since i was testing a flash, and the bottom one is under exposed because he only let me take one picture. really he looks a lot more like, authoritative with the beard, and a lot more like some sort of skaterat without it.
Also, eyes open vs. eyes closed (or looking forward vs. looking down) cause their own set of problems, as pics 1 and 2 demonstrate
yeah, that was 100% my impression, which was unexpected. hep's explanation makes sense though.
I also prefer him with a beard. Will he grow it back out afterwards? I hope so.
Definitely agree, the hair and beard were glorious. It'll grow back though.
Handsome. I like the no beard, but my husband gets a haircut every eight days or so.

I would like to see him looking up in a no beard picture.
Hehe, in the first picture he reminds me a little little bit of what my boyfriend looks like when he hasn't shaved or had a haircut for a while (medium stage). I approve! It always grows back so quickly if they let it.
He's definitely still handsome without it but also no longer the Russian/Viking Bear!
He looks like a completely different man without the hair and beard.

Of course, whenever I shave my goatee I look weird to myself for a few days. So what do I know.
Funny, I just chopped mine off yesterday, too (though for entirely different reasons)

The uneven tan is hilar, cause I've been hitting the beach almost every day.