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girafa piece

girafa piece, originally uploaded by hep.

today some friends and i went to drawbridge, ca to shoot the abandoned stuff and graffiti. i am super tired now and only uploaded a few pieces tonite, expect more later. but i wanted to post these two super old pieces by my favorite graf artist girafa. this work is like circa 2007.

now thanks to riding bikes all day yesterday, and walking like 10mi today, my legs are barely working and i will have to use my cane again all week. hopefully walking around for hours tomorrow at work won't kill me even more. ;<

what did you all do with your weekends?
Didn't he get locked up recently? Is he still in jail?

I am not hip enough to be in the know with graffiti artists, but I know that dude because he's prolific as shit.
he certainly is prolific. i believe these are all from 2007 (one had a date of 2007 near it but i dunno if it was the same piece)

they caught him and locked him up for a few hours iirc ( ) but they let him out right away and he will just have to work on paying off the restitution. i have seen new pieces from him since then tho so fkn a+ for him. i <3 him.