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girafa piece

girafa piece, originally uploaded by hep.

today some friends and i went to drawbridge, ca to shoot the abandoned stuff and graffiti. i am super tired now and only uploaded a few pieces tonite, expect more later. but i wanted to post these two super old pieces by my favorite graf artist girafa. this work is like circa 2007.

now thanks to riding bikes all day yesterday, and walking like 10mi today, my legs are barely working and i will have to use my cane again all week. hopefully walking around for hours tomorrow at work won't kill me even more. ;<

what did you all do with your weekends?
I hate hills too. My boyfriend keeps prodding me to go riding in the Gatineau hills with him and I'm all f u no way. I can go forever and ever on flats but I pretty much want to sit down on the side of the road and cry after like 5 minutes of climbing.

Nope, I didn't get the Cervelo. My need for a laptop that wasn't constantly at risk of spontaneously combusting was much greater. Maybe next year. I keep saying that and then instead of saving up for a new bike I keep spending more money on pimping my old one. Hmmm...

What kind of bike do you have?
i have two, i have a classic schwinn that i have no idea of the model number or anything, it was my mom's but because she is like 3inches shorter than me the frame is a tad small. then i have a midrange dawes 24sp, i think the sheila, that is more sized to me. yuriy keeps talking about me getting a mtn bike and i am like, "honey, have you MET me? i will NEVER go on a trail with you." because i am totally the same way. i love love love cycling if it's low intensity, but i messed up my knee super bad years ago, and my other leg has the nerve damage i always complain about (it drags after awhile of heavy exercise, and has low mobility) so all of the hard stuff is like 10x harder for me, even with size differences aside.

i really feel you on the saving up thing! i have been saving up to buy us a used truck for like 3yr now so we can then buy and pull a boat, and i keep spending the money on emergencies that come up along the way!
Cool, I just googled that Dawes and it looks nice! I have an old steel/chromoly Miele frame that I bought secondhand, but the guy had replaced the tube shifters with sti shifters and then I replaced pretty much all the other components with shimano 105, plus a women's racing saddle. (I have to buy men's frames because I am a giant, lol.)

While I really love the new lighter aero frames, I'm kinda reluctant to let go of my old bike. It's my first road bike and I'm all sentimental about it. And I do love steel. My wrists are in horrible shape and I think the road buzz from an aluminum frame would just about ruin them forever. I would need at least a carbon fork (if not the whole thing lol) and that's expensive as hell.