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zane surgery update.

zane surgery update., originally uploaded by hep.

quick and dirty surgery update post from my phone, usual disclaimer of plz excuse all spelling/grammar errors applies. zane's actual tonsillectomy and eartube surgery went fine. however when they tried to bring her up from sedation she started foaming up lung fluid (post obstructive pulmonary edema) and her bloodox plummeted. she has to be on a resperator overnight and is currently sedated in pediatric icu until her lungs are fluid free. I am actually freaking out about 50% less than expected, tho they were talking about lifting her to stanford instead and I probably would have lost it then (my brother died at stanford from similar post-operative complication issues and I have a big hangup about it for those who don't know. I won't even visit people there). she will be ok and they are hoping to take her off the vent tomorrow morning. I will be staying at the hospital until she leaves if anyone needs me. I am only available by sms with some limited irc contact as well. hope you are all doing ok. also to everyone who said I was overparanoid about post-op complications: being right sucks. the problem with paranoia is all the times you end up being right :(((((

Decided to check in on you and see you just posted this... that's awful, surprised you're taking it so well as it sounds traumatic from the memories if nothing else...

Glad to hear she'll be okay in the end, but I know it sucks right now. :( Hope she gets well soon hep, and that you're doing well.
Here's hoping that Zane can get out bright and early tomorrow with no more issues. It sucks when something happens to your kids and you have to sit and watch and pray. Prayers going out to you all.