pacman inkee

zane's movie

Animal OVERRUN from el jepe on Vimeo.

zane recently wrote, scripted, storyboarded, directed, shot, edited, and scored a movie in 24hrs. we all acted in it. enjoy.

she was inspired after reading animal farm to do her own take on the matter.
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what did she use for storyboards? im actually surprised that its a flipcam. i kind of thought the flipcam would be a little more low qual. do you happen to know what kind of lenses it uses? i only ask bc i assume youd notice that sort of thing haha.
they made them little apple camp branded storyboard papers. so not digital, just irl. i will scan her storyboards in tomorrow, they are super funny.

as far as i can tell it looks like a pinhole lens? it doesnt seem like it does large depth of field changes. its the flipcamHD so i dunno if that means they put better optics in, film confuses the fuck out of me. i only finally reconciled the differences in shutterspeed from still in my head recently, ehe!