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zane's movie

Animal OVERRUN from el jepe on Vimeo.

zane recently wrote, scripted, storyboarded, directed, shot, edited, and scored a movie in 24hrs. we all acted in it. enjoy.

she was inspired after reading animal farm to do her own take on the matter.
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srsly you would think apple would think sometimes. i cant even begin to start listing the issues i have with apple. but it's quicker to run large transforms for me than windows pchop so i dont complain too much hehe
ive used adobe's editing software, and i wouldnt trade in fcp for the world. theres a reason its the best out of 2. it has its quirks, but if i have to take 20 mins to render something, so be it. everything else works exactly the way i need it to.
oh def fcp kicks the pants off premiere. premiere was more an afterthought than anything tho, they were like, well we did awesome with this photoshop and illustrator stuff, lets make some movies! and then they were like shit this is hard :<. but nothing beats photoshop. i can't even use other editing programs that people say work, like sure, they take a tiny bit of time off somewhere, but when i need to throw down and cut something out fast and flip it and re-perspective it and then recolor it, i can do all of that in photoshop in 10sec + however long it takes me to extract + pen refine. illustrator too, there are many imposters, but only one lets you really draw. even tho its a super bitch about it >:(