pacman inkee

wb made me this amazing ascii

that is ascii art people, he didn't just draw that with photoshop or mspaint. each piece is a character block, with the background of it colored, assembled in a text file, and scroll into an irc terminal. a+++ art within the confines of the medium. <3
this is one of the clearest expressions of love i've ever seen.
wb is my bff and my fifth child. this is totally like a mother's day card, right?
I wonder how much time I spent making ACSII/ANSI art, it got really crazy when I started doing animated stuff. It's a lost art, and one of the cooler forms of digital art out there.

Awesome work.
I miss ASCII/ANSI art.

I took a job in 1999 with a startup because it had a good chunk of ACiD working for them, but they went bust before I actually started there.
That is not ASCII art
ASCII art is where the shapes of letters are used to form curves, textures, etc. The above is basically "pixel art" but with the pixels blown up to character-size.
Re: That is not ASCII art
are you stupid? this is ascii art done with both colormapping and text symbols. it is still ascii art, it is just not monocolored ascii art where only 2 colors are used (standard background color + text color). this form allows shading using text symbols to change the tone of the background color (ie, if you have a red bg for that character block, and you put an orange # in the space, it will tone the red to orange AND create the shape using the # sign.) saying this is not ascii art because it is not a two color style representation with ascii is like saying that drawing with colored pencils is not drawing because you don't use a standard graphite #2.