pacman inkee


i stole this meme from jpallan

A quarter of an hour ago, I was … watching jackie brown with yuriy, writing an email to my sister and talking about movie making with recommendation

An hour ago, I was … teaching zane algebra 2 and yelling at zoe to read her stupid book.

Six hours ago, I was … driving back from nornorcal down hwy 1 due to traffix on 101, with evan djing the greatest hits of 4chan for us.

Twelve hours ago, I was … watching cupcake wars on tv with yuriy and updating facebook with the girls at my parents house where we stayed because of...

One day ago, I was … watching the most beautiful wedding of my best friend from high school and her best boyfriend from high school :> :> :>

One week ago, I was … riding bikes around sf with my beloved darling.

One month ago, I was … insanely stressed out and fearful watching little zane in the hospital

Six months ago, I was … working hard and planning for summer.

One year ago, I was … getting ready to celebrate my birthday! and working with lots of film

Two years ago, I was … preparing to go to yuriy's oldest little sister's wedding. and this year we are planning to go to his youngest youngest sister's wedding next week!

Three years ago, I was … cleaning out the garage and working on putting together a darkroom and chicken coop!

Four years ago, I was … getting ready to go to burningman with yuriy and spend one of the best times of my life. we are awesome together and i never fail to have fun with him.

Five years ago, I was … just considering whether to break up with my boyfriend at the time and meet yuriy. i was at defcon during this time and discussing it with my bff oclet.

Seven years ago, I was … playing with the children who were considerably smaller, mostly spending time at the local aquariums and the sfzoo.

Ten years ago, I was … zane was one and we were getting ready for evan to start kindergarden!

Fifteen years ago, I was … had just had evan and was experiencing the fear and joy of being a new mother. it was hard. i was 16. worth it tho.

Twenty years ago, I was … just about to turn 12. my brother had died 8 months before. my mom went crazy. i was spending time with family far away.

Twenty-five years ago, I was … 7. my mom was just about to marry my stepdad and that netted me a new step-sister!
Fifteen years ago, I was … had just had evan and was experiencing the fear and joy of being a new mother.

When I was in junior high, I knew a girl who had had her son when she was 13. I didn't think much of it because I operated under the very mistaken assumption that you just sort of know what to do when the kid is yours.

I look back now and think, "Dang. She was also so cheerful and friendly. I don't think I could have been rolling like that at 14. Heck, I wasn't like that when I was a mom at 32!"
just up to petaluma, so not far. tho we are hoping to go up near garberville and do some camping in a few weeks!
Petaluma - I don't think that counts, does it? ;-) Nice area, though. Where near Garberville are you going? Richardson's Grove? Benbow? Out in the pot-lands just generally? I was recently informed that my grandparents had their honeymoon at Richardson's Grove. There are more beautiful redwood parks, but I've always loved that one too.
the way i always delineate is: to be in the bay area you have to see the bay from somewhere in your town. petaluma is the very southern tip of nornorcal because you can't see the bay anymore, and it officially starts the northern part of norcal (norcal itself starts at santa cruz, below that is the valley, and below that of course is socal). petaluma is also the start of fullon redneck attitudes too, so it makes sense that way as a delineation point as well.

yeah we are gonna go up to richardson's grove i think. i really wanna show yuriy the eel river for fishing and there are some great holes on that part of the river, especially over on the side by the campground that they close during the winter. richardson's grove is also my favorite, its the best redwood campground in california imo. like a fairyland! we have been going there since i was REALLY little (like 4) and i used to think fairies really did live there in the burnout trees.