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mirror cats

mirror cats, originally uploaded by hep.

some items:

1. we got a new kitten. well, evan got a new kitten for finishing off his first high school year with straight a's. the new kitten is a black tuxedo whose name is glock to go along with our gun-cat theme.

2. i finally got around to organizing some of my back photography archives and sorting which photos i like, and i started uploading chosen work to a tumblr blog. do you have a tumblr? let's follow each other! you can see me at: complicated, i know.

3. i started posting once per week to lj_photophile. I will likely also pimp out the posts here so my friends can all go support me with comments! and in return i will spend my lj token winnings on you all. my current submission is here, please go comment if you feel like it!

4. i am still crazy busy for the next 3 weeks at least. if you are local to the bay area and have some free time this friday evening between 6-8pm, however, why don't you join me in volunteering to help teach kids to ride bikes properly! drop me a comment or email me at dis at gruntle dot org and i will give you all the details.

5. i also syndicated my tumblr to livejournal for ultimate redundancy dept of redundancy. if you are not on tumblr but you are still vitally interested, or just like pretty pictures of various things both natural and unnatural, please add this feed to your flists.



The new little guy seems to be settling in well and AK is a good big brother.

I love your tumblr feed. Thanks for setting it up.
freshman in high school plus
straight a's = a pony. You got off easy! Also, those cats are glossy and pretty!
Omgosh, look at those kitties!

I love your pictures. I always wish I could take pics of liz as good as your pics.
There are so many kitties and doggies on my flist this morning! It's the best ever!
I first read that as lj_pedophile and did a double take.

That's a great picture!