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happy birthday to meeee!!!

la cuidad, originally uploaded by hep.

dear sf: i miss you terribly. we will party it up when i get home. <3 -hep.

new friends: i am sorry, i am on vacation for a few days! terrible time to join, not like i am the most consistent at updating anyway. please see my intro posts for more details for now, and i promise i will post a more current intro update when i get home/get the chance!
Hey. I've been away from lj for a while. I did buy some space ice cream for Zane and a card, but I haven't mailed it
yet...I wanted to see how she was doing first. How are things going there?
uff it was a big ordeal. i wrote it up here. zane is doing fine now, she will have to be on night oxygen for like another month, but other than that she is all healed from the surgery and has all her energy back and her voice. (because of the vocal cord spasming, her voice went back to like, tiny child level for awhile. like she sounded about 3yrs old, and slowly aged back to her normal voice pitch over 3 weeks). how are things going for you? are you doing well? did your surgery stuff end up all ok? <3