pacman inkee

wedding guests

yura in his wedding tux. i took this with my phone. don't judge me.

yura and i at his littlest little sister's wedding. taken by yuriy's middlest little sister, diana.

more pix when we get home, we fly out in a few hours. I MISS SF!!!111
awe thx you! by then my hair was in its "no, no more straight, now i pretend i could hold a curl if i wanted to" phase.
someday i plan on using my looks to dress up as wendy from wendy's for halloween. i made an amazing punky brewster a few years back.
you are such a sweetie! yeah under that beard he is a qtpie. i like the beard too tho!
i'm confused by this boy's name. why is he sometimes yura & sometimes yurie & sometimes something else i can't recall offhand?
russian and other slavic based languages have a heavy use of diminutive word suffixes to denote various things. since his name is masculine and ending in the ee sound, yuriy, the diminutive suffixed nickname is yura, meaning like kind of the same way that iko or ito are added to the end of hispanic male names to denote like affection for a child (like how i call evan evaniko, evanito, etc). basically the same as like richard/rick, lawrence/larry, etc in american naming, except denoting more affection than just familiarity. other people just meeting him would never refer to him as yura, only his loved ones. but other figures who would feel affection might do so like friends, longtime teachers, a doctor, etc.

sometimes people also refer to him as jim because sometimes when immigrants come to america they are given or choose to take on an americanized name for easier assimilation. since there was already a yuriy in their social circle when they came, the adults decided that since the other yuriy went by james, our yuriy would be called jim. but secretly he really hates it because his NAME is yuriy, you know? he was like 14 when he came here, so it's not like he was just used to his name for a short time like a tiny kid or something. sometimes i call him regulate too because that's his irc nick.

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ahahahha i was gonna say that to ophelia but we just walked back in the door! thx 2 you both!
These are such sweet pictures.

Your hair looks fantastic.