pacman inkee


can you find me in this picture?

sry for breaking your flists friends.
i see you! and when i come visit you've got to take me to some redwoods. i've never seen one in person but i've always wanted to.
as you can tell, they are ginormous. i did not have a wide enough lens to get them all even down at 18.
I can! Leaning with both hands against the tree? Yes? 10 points for me!
Woah that freaked me out. Just took my family to the redwoods near our house yesterday lol
We were in Felton, CA though. I imagine you're further north.
we were up at richardson's grove by garberville. i love the eel river even tho its like a foot deep. probably because of that really.
I don't get up that way often, but when I do, I loves me some big ass trees.