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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

new desk!

so, i am meaning to continue on the 30day meme. i have just been busy. we are cleaning and rearranging the house before school starts. one of the things that is most needed around here, is a desk for me to work at. i usually work from my bed which is a surprisingly good solution, i have my laptop on a little laptop prop, and i can spread photos and papers around to my heart's content. however, lately i have been working on a lot of longer term projects that aren't necessarily wrapped up and ready to put away by bedtime, so i have been in need of a space where i can leave projects lying around.

i had the top hutch of shelves from another ikea desk leftover after we had to pull it off because evan's new monitor was too big (it really is unnecessarily ginormous.) i also had little over half a door leftover after making some shelves. so i put 2 and 2 together and made desk.

now i can finally have a place to leave reference books in easy reach as well without leaving them in piles all over the floor to step on in the middle of the night. i can also better track paperwork that needs attending to, this is particularly good for the kids as i will stop misplacing their school forms and needing second copies. i am TERRIBLE at keeping track of paperwork. there are no filing cabinets in bed.

yuriy got me the red begonia you see on the desk. i think he is probably most happy because it means that on nights where i have to stay up late working i can do it without either of us feeling guilty, him for needing to go to sleep, and me for keeping him awake. today i was planning to go see they might be giants in stern grove with all the children, but zoe has come down with some serious coughing/sneezing/stuffyhead/fever ailment, so i am home tending to her (and acquiring it i am sure) while roger takes zane and evan. and really, as much as i love tmbg, i got super wore out on them while the kids were little (it was all of their favorite band) while roger is still much more appreciative.

this is my robotic helper. he holds my adaptor while i am charging my laptop, and gathers it up when not in use so no one trips over it and breaks it. stupid delicate mac chargers. he also holds one of the kitty toys so they dont lose it.

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