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back to school!

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these images are a little late. what can i say, i have been busy.

evan is starting his sophmore year. he is already complaining that it is a lot harder. i lolled. this year he is mostly focusing on keeping his grades at stellar levels, increasing his spanish so we can talk behind the household slavs' backs, and finishing his required community service for all four years so we can start racking up extra time. we are going to split comm service time between glide and when he turns 16 next year he is going to start candy striping at the children's hospital. we both figure this will look really good for pre-med on college apps. plus at this point he has 3yr at glide racked up, so 5yr at a soup kitchen, and 3 yr at a hospital should look nice.

zoe is going into 8th this year, finally she is the big fish in a little pond again. she wanted to do the play again this year, but they are performing "my fair lady", which is an awesome play don't get me wrong, but 2yrs ago in the play they did "our town" which was a mashup of several plays including large portions of "my fair lady", so she isn't very excited about it. instead this year the new music teacher will be running a glee club, so she is ALL over that with a vengeance. between that, yearbook, lunchtime kidcrew (helping at the little kids' school) and 2afternoons a week at glide, it looks like she will have a busy year.

zane started 6th this year! she was pretty nervous about going up to the middle school, but also super excited. as you can see, she dyed her hair red at the end of summer, something she has been wanting to do for a long time. it's funny how totally natural it looks and seems. she is working on extra chores all year so she can keep herself in hairdye (i will only buy her dye every two weeks if she is really on her game. it's not expensive dye at all, $6 a bottle and we already keep developer, gloves, etc, under the sink for hairdying friends and family.) she doesn't really know what she wants to do electivewise at school this year, but i am betting it will be art and newpaper. she did the newspaper at the elementary school for 2 years and did a great job. she has been getting more into photography lately (i let the kids use my old dslr and slr bodies so they learn real technique. none of this point and shoot and green arrow mode crap for my kids ok) so she might end up doing year book as well.

hope all my other flist parents are having an easy back to school as well!

awe you are sweet. well, i know how good longterm volunteer work looks on college apps. like, good grades these days are a dime a dozen when applying to competitive schools, so you need to really stand out. and being able to say "i loved my potential field so much i started working in it the second i turned of age, and until then i worked as close as i could so i could help people" is a powerful statement on an app. plus i really do believe in community service. we all benefit so much from out communities, often at the expense of others somewhere. it costs nothing but time to give a little back. and also, in my book, community is about caring for other people, thats why we call it community, otherwise its just a collection of people living in the same place.
having a teen parent its a very real way to show them "there but for the grace of god go I". like i say to them all the time, it's only our hard work that got us out of a situation that usually ends a lot differently. teen parents are expected to parent without any of the help or resources that other parents are assumed to have, in fact, resources and help are often denied teen parents "to teach them a lesson" (as if the lesson hasn't already been amply learned.) so i like to have real reminders to them about how our lives could have been. and yes, i like to help other people. it costs nothing usually to help, and in return you know that you made a difference that day for real, not just earned a few more pennies to spend on candy or whatever. im also kind of a dick in that volunteer work comes before their paying jobs. they need to make sure they can still hit their weekly volunteer hours targets regardless of whether they have another job that pays them. the way i figure it, when they turn 18 they rework their priorities, but as long as i am paying the house bills, food, electricity, etc, they can work a couple hours a week doing something positive for the community over earning cash to spend on itunes and videogames.